Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press I

High-speed rotary tablet press is a high expense for pharmacy manufacturers. The parts are inevitably worn out or damaged, but it is not sensible to replace them immediately or even repurchase a new machine. A shrewd manufacturer will study how to maintain the mechanical parts, keeping them in good condition for a long service life, and should have a good grasp of the functions of the main parts. When the machine failure occurs, he can judge which part or device is broken down, and take corresponding measures, which is much more effective to clear troubles and resume machine. Following is the explanation of the main parts of ZP-35 and their functions.


  1. Upper compression roller safety device

The fixed mount is a mono-block fabricated metalwork. The two compression rollers are inset left and right of fixed mount. Due to the eccentric torque, the spring will be compressed, and the gap between upper and lower compression roller will be increased, so as to reduce pressure and protect mechanical parts and punch molds. The adjustment of pressure should be in the help of wrench to shorten or extend the spring, until which is adjusted to a befitting position.

Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press

  1. Upper guide rail

The guide rail is a round shape retainer. The guide rail pieces which suffered heat treatment are fastened by screws. The upper punches cling to the rail and moves along the rail, up and down.


  1. Turret/ Rotary Table

Turret is fabricated by a mono-block metal, with 35 holes uniformly distributed for tablet tooling on ZP-35 rotary tablet press and 33 holes on ZP-33. The turret is installed through an upright spindle. Driven by the worm, the tablet tooling (punches and dies) runs circling with the turret, so as to finish the tablet compression course.

Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press

  1. Glass Cover

4 glasses are glued into a cover, which can be removed when to maintain or adjust the machine, and to be covered on when machine works. The operator can observe its running state from the glass cover outside, and can make prompt actions in emergency. Moreover, the cover protects the working environment from dusts and ashes, which accords with the sanitary requirement to make high quality clean tablets.


  1. Feeding System

There are two sets of feeding system on rotary tablet compression machine, and each of which is made of two parts, a hopper and a crescent shaped feeder. The front feeder cooperates with the left compression roller and the rear feeder for the right compression roller. The feeder should be installed horizontal with a clearance with the turret surface of 0.05mm to 0.1mm. The position of hopper should be adjusted to control granule flow, which is dependent on the granule size and filling amount.

Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press






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