Fully Automatic Filling Machines for Liquor


The filling machine is one category of packaging machinery. Regarding the material, the filling machine can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and granular filling machine. It also can be classified into semi automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine according to its automation degree. Today we will talk something about filling machines for liquor.

automatic liquid filling machine

Main contact parts of filling machine for liquor are made of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. Reasonable structure, perfect control system and high degree of automation, filling machine for liquor adopts high speed filling valves to ensure process requirements. Furthermore, overload protection device is set to effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators. Regarding for controlling system, it has many functions such as production speed control, lack-covers examination, flush-bottle stop itself and output counts etc. Features of filling machines for liquor are as follows.

  1. Special filling valves and high-power vacuum pump are adopted which can realize the same liquid level after filling and packing ;
  2. Sealing the nozzle of bottle when filling and liquid will flow based on the wall of bottle, which can avoid the liquid overflow;
  3. The machine is frequency controlled. Moreover overload protection device is set when filling speed is too fast. Elastic bottle holder device is set to reduce the risk of damage of bottle;
  4. Based on the adjustment of spacer in the filling valve, which is very convenient and efficient;
  5. Filling range is lager enough that can reach 100-1500 ml;
  6. Filling height is higher enough that can be adjusted from the range of 100-380mm;
  7. Main sealing material is manufactured by the imported silicone and main contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel which is in line with the requirements of food safety;
  8. Filling valves are easy to disassemble and very convenient to clean;

If your liquor production output is not high(below thousands of bottles), you can just choose a semi automatic filling machine and the price is about 2000-3000 RMB; if the production is high, you need to choose fully automatic filling machine. Kos machinery is one of the famous factories to produce the machinery equipment such as liquid filling machine, paste filling machine and other industrial equipment. Not only do we have professional producing process, but also an experienced technical team which can support you any technical questions. If interested, please subscribe our email: emulsifyingmixer@foxmail.com or kindly visit the website: http://www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com/.

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