Filling Process of Coffee packaging Powder Packing

Roasters, choosing the best packaging for your coffee is about a lot more than just an attractive design – although that’s important too.

Your packaging is what keeps your coffee fresh for longer, meaning it has a direct impact on the taste of those beans you’re selling. It’s also what you have to work with every single day. And it’s what your customer will picture when they hear your name. So that means you really want to get it right. Filling process is one of the most fundamental factors determining customers’ option of coffee in the market.


Will you be hand-filling your coffee bags or are you considering automating with COFFEE PACKAGING Machine? If you plan to hand-fill your coffee bags, The Perfect Daily Grind recommends you choose a bag style that has a wide enough top opening to accommodate your scoop or filling apparatus. The Doypack may not be ideal in this situation as it only has two corners at its top opening, limiting the amount of room available for a filling tool. Compare this with the quad seal or flat bottom bag, which usually have four corners at their top openings and much more room to accommodate filling tools.


Also note that hand-packing, while it may have a lower cost to entry, seriously limits your throughput, accuracy, and ability to ramp up production on a moment’s notice. If you already use – or are considering purchasing – Automated packaging machine for coffee, your bag options are almost unlimited. Most modern coffee packaging machines can easily accommodate multiple bag styles and sizes. Fill weights are no longer a worry as automated filling solutions can operate at a high level of accuracy. Your throughput can increase by leaps and bounds and if you suddenly receive a large order, scaling your production up is no biggie.

Coffee packaging Powder Packing  coffee packaging machine

How do you fill your coffee bags? Many startups and micro-roasters opt to manually or semi-automatically pack them with the coffee packaging equipment, meaning that bag design can really speed up – or slow down – the process.

If your bag comes with a zipper to reclose it, chances are the bag has two corners on the top, like with a doypack. If your bag doesn’t come with a zipper, it’s more likely the bag has four corners on the top, like with a side fold bag. And filling that is what’s called an “open mouth execution” – as you can imagine, the opening of a side fold bag is larger and therefore easier to fill manually or semi-automatically.

Should you decide you want a doypack, but you happen to manually fill your bags, make sure the opening is wide enough to fit your scoop or weigher funnel in. You’ll also want to check that the bag itself opens up easily, either as a result of you inserting your hand or the weight of the beans.

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