Features of Lab Equipment Homogeneous Emulsifying Mixer

Lab equipment homogeneous emulsifying machine is generally used in lab experiment for mixing different liquids or paste that could not dissolve by itself unless under strong power to disperse and emulsify them. Its functions and features are similar to those of the standard normal homogenizer mixer. The materials are thoroughy mixed under the strong centrifugal generated by frequent reciprocating rotation of stator and rotor. After impacting avulsionand and liquid friction, the materials will be finally emulsified into steady suspension product. Driven by the compact series excitation motor, AD series lab-used homogeneous emulsifying machine is widely used for mixing of low, medium, or high viscosity liquid in the lab or test plant.

► Exterior feature
It is a small type emulsifier machine with light weigh and small volume, convenient for moving and storing. All the components contacted with liquid materials are made by 316/304stainless steel, which is good for machine cleaning as well as corrosion&rust preventing. All the connected point of mixing vessel adopts smooth arc structure, effectively guaranteeing the vessel bottom and inside wall clean without residual material when pouring out.

► Speed control
Lab mixer machine adopts frequency control of motor speed that is adjusted by speed control knob. Cruising speed control technology could effectively compensate the speed change that caused by load change and power supply voltage.

► Emulsifying head structure
Under use of techniques and proper additives, high tangent speed and strong kinetic energy generated by high speed rotary rotor and mechanical effects can lead to instant, equally, subtly and dispersed emulsification of different phase. In this way, the materials could be emulsified, dispersed, homogenized, crushed and mixed.
Lab-used emulsifying equipment adopts high shear homogeneous emulsifying head that consists of claw type stator and rotor. The materials could be sucked into clearance and working antrum from upper and lower simultaneously, which largely reinfore shanring effect.

► Emulsifying effect
Lab equipement emulsifying machine, as the name refers, is mainly used in making experiments in lab. Accuracy and effect is the most important point. And this machine is exactly suitable for those materials requiring special treatment or high requirement of emlsifying effect. The suspenion/emulsifying product is fine and smooth, and has high value of researching.

► Product safety and environmental sanitation
This machine is suitable for working under normal pressure, vacuum, closed system as well as pressurized room. Closed system is formed by sealing of skelecton and machine equipment, avoiding air invasion and product contamination. The bearing and shaft is fixed at high position, and made by stainless steel, which makes effective guarantee for environmental sanitation.

Lab equipement emulsifying machine
Lab Equipment Emulsifier Mixer

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