Features of KOS Vacuum Emulsifying Machine


A vacuum emulsifying machine is made up of a preprocessed pot, main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic pressure, electric control system. etc. The materials in the water pot and the oil pot are fully dissolved and then sucked into the main pot by vacuum for mixing and homogenizing. With all the materials in a vacuum state, the high shear emulsifying machine distributes one or more phases into another continuous phase rapidly and evenly with a high shear emulsifying mixer. By using the powerful kinetic energy brought by the machine, the materials can bear hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor. Under the combined action of centrifugal extrusion, impact and tearing, the materials are instantly dispersed and emulsified evenly. Finally, delicate and stable products of high quality without any bubbles are obtained after high-frequency cycles.


Actually, the vacuum emulsifying machine is a kind of emulsifying machine. The emulsifying machine shears, disperses and impacts on materials with the high-speed rotating homogenizer head connected to the engine in order to make the materials finer and smoother while the vacuum emulsifying machine does the same thing as the emulsifying machine in a vacuum state.


KOS Vacuum Emulsifier is used in many different fields, but do you know it well? The followings are its features.


Vacuum Emulsifier


  1. The machine adopts a totally-enclosed vacuum system, which not only prevents impurities from entering the reaction kettle but also reduces bubbles in cream materials to make products fine and smooth. Thus, it meets the requirement of hygiene without bacteria.


  1. There are two kinds of vacuum emulsifying machines, the top homogenizer and the bottom homogenizer, depending on the position of the high shear homogenizer head. The top one adopts a concentric biaxial structure with its agitator and high shear emulsifier working independently. Besides, the effect of emulsified materials is excellent.


  1. The emulsification equipmentis mainly designed for materials with high viscosity, especially cream materials, so it is usually installed with a wall scraper to the agitator, so that there is no blind corner in the device.


  1. The main pot of the emulsifying machine is free to flip over, contributing to easy discharging, convenient maintenance as well as cleaning.


  1. The electric control systemis of high quality. It ensures stable and reliable performance.


  1. The machine complies with GMP and the CIP and SIP systems can be configured.


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