Enhancing Productivity With Automated 12 Cavity Lipstick Filling Machine

Nowadays, the cosmetic products play an important role in women’s daily life. Women would like to choose the right one instead of the cheap one. How to create the high-quality makeup products become of the most import jobs for the manufacturers. Except for the recipe, we can improve it from the perspective of machinery. Finishing a perfect lipstick need to make through a lot of processes. Generally, it needs to make it through the grinding, heating, filling, freezing and stripping among which the heating and fillings are quite important. Typically, the heating and filling steps are finished with the heating and filling machine. The Newly Improved Automated 12 Cavity Lipstick Lip Gloss Filling Machine will definitely make your job successfully. Now we have a clear look on it.

lipstick machmine

Distinguished from the other lipstick filling machine, there are two barrels on the machine. Both of them are used to heat and stir. On the top of the barrels at each side are the motors. The motors provides machine with the energy to make the paste and liquid fully mixed. Two bars which connected between the motor and barrel will stir the liquid paste fully. At the bottom of the barrel is the discharge hole which is for the outlet of liquid. Moreover, the left side of the cosmetic machine is the filling place. 12 filling holes design allows the lipstick mold with 12 cavities to be filled simultaneously, improving the productivity while reducing the waste of resources. The holder connected with the barrels enable two barrels to take turns to fill the lipstick molds. Thus, not only will this design save the resources, but also it will enhance the capacity. The control panel next to the holder is to control the barrels and filling part respectively. What makes the control panel special is the automatic technology including the Human Machine Interaction and PLC program. The parameter like time and temperature can be set with this technology. The simplify operation system will make the users easy to use. Last but not least, the buttons at the machine lower body is the buttons to control the stirring.
cosmetic machine

When the machine begins to work, the users need to fulfill the barrel with water and put the paste into the barrel gradually. With the automatic technology, the lipstick machine will fill the lipstick molds as soon as it is fully heated and mixed. The discharge hole will relieve the liquid and it will fill the molds through the 12 holes. When the molds are full, the lipstick machine will stop to fill until the users put a new one. Not until the liquid in one barrel is run out, will the next barrel turns to the filling side and continue its filling job.

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