Emulsion Cosmetics Production Emulsifying Process

Emulsion Cosmetic is mixed by oil, fat, wax and many other raw materials. There are many experiences and methods of preparing emulsions. Various methods have their own characteristics. Which method is chosen depends on the personal experience of the operator and the conditions of the enterprise, but must meet the basic requirements of the production of cosmetics. The following three kinds of emulsification methods are commonly used.

1, Intermittent emulsification

This is the most simple way of emulsification, the oil phase and the water phase raw materials were heated to a certain temperature, according to a certain order into a stirring kettle. Start mixing and cooling water to the interlay, and then Add the essence when it cools to 60℃ below. Stop stirring when the cooling temperature reaches 45℃. Finally discharge the material and pack. Most manufacturers in China are using this method because it has a strong adaptability. However, the disadvantages are long time mixing, complicated operation and low efficiency.

batch emulsification machine

2, Semi-continuous emulsification

The oil phase and water phase raw materials are respectively calculated and heated to the desired temperature in the oil and water pot. The mixture is preliminarily stirred in a pre-emulsification pot and cooled by a stirring cooling cylinder, also called the torrent heat exchanger. According to the different viscosity of the product, the shaft and scraper have a variety of forms. After the rapid cooling and conveyor propelled, the product will be discharged from the outlet and packed.

The effective volume of pre-emulsification pot is 1000 ~ 5000L. The interlayer is equipped with hot water insulation. Stirrers can be installed with homogenizer or paddle mixer with rotating speed 500 ~ 2880rpm. The dosing pump transport the cream to the stirring and cooling cylinder. The perfume is fed into the cooling cylinder and the pipeline in series, stirred by the mixing cylinder, and the interlayer with cooling water to cooling the mixing cylinder. The speed of stirring cooling cylinder is 60 ~ 100rpm. Cream contact materials made of stainless steel depending on the products. Semi-continuous emulsion mixer, mostly used in Japan. has a higher yield, suitable for mass production.

3, Continuous emulsification

Continuous emulsification is the process of a variety of raw materials Preheated were transported into the emulsification pot by metering pump. The temperature will reach to 60℃ below when the material overflew to the scraper cooler after a period of emulsification and then into the fragrance mixing pot. At the same time, the fragrance is added by the metering pump, and the final product is overflowed by the upper part of the mixing pot. This continuous emulsification is suitable for large-scale continuous production. Even though saving energy, keeping stable quality and improving the utilization of equipment, it has not been adopted in China.

emulsion emulsifying equipment

In the production of cosmetics products, like creams, lotions, lipsticks, emulsions, etc., the mixing and stirring process is essential, and mostly manufacturers use the high shear homogenizer or vacuum emulsifying equipment to process the materials. Looking for more information about cosmetics machinery at http://www.emulsifyingmixer.com.

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