Emulsifying Machine in cosmetics

Emulsifying machine is connected to the engine through the high speed rotating homogeneous head  the material for cutting dispersing impact

The produced high-shear homogenizing emulsifying machine is a stand-mounted equipment Stator and rotor design for claw coupling structure the material from the upper and lower host inhalation while To be thrown around the centrifugal and shear homogenizer efficiency improved several times  avoiding the upper corners of the autoclave is easy to produce problems This product is suitable for homogenization fine emulsified in a variety of large and small reactors ordinary containers Small volume emulsion can also be moved using lifting

In accordance with the function and use of the form is divided into the following categories

High Shear Emulsifier 41564

High Shear Emulsifier

Speed rotation of the stator and the rotor Produced by shear force on the material to high shear

High shear emulsifier

In the material for high shear dispersion also played the role of materials

High shear mixing emulsifier  Cut the material while the material for mixing

High Shear Emulsifier 0021

Emulsifier homogenizer

emulsified in the material at the same time play the role of a homogeneous

Mobile emulsifying machine

mainly based on some plant needs  emulsifying machine equipped with mobile lifting frame above  customers can move according to their needs lift mulser

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