Emulsification Effect Analysis of the Emulsifying Machine

The effect of emulsification is mainly decided by the stability of the emulsion, and main factors that can influence the stability of the emulsion are as follows.

The first is the emulsion mixer equipment; the second, emulsification time; the third, emulsification temperature; the fourth, emulsification rotate speed. The first point and the fourth point are mostly related to the emulsifying machines. As for the emulsifying equipment, KOS high shear mixer has four different stators (mesh type, long hole type, round hole and claw type) to adapt to different emulsification results. For example, KOS stator design for claw type coupling structure, material from the host upper and lower suction at the same time to shear material from all dimensions. Under this circumstance, the claw type is the thoroughly emulsification. As for the rotate speed, KOS has two kinds of rotation speed. One the 2800rpm for power from 1.5KW to 18.5kw; the other is 1400rpm for power from 22kw to 75kw.

bottom homogenizer

Factors that can affect the emulsification dispersing results are as follows:

1.The form of emulsifying head(batch type and continuous type)( continuous type is better than batch type);
2.Shear rate of emulsifying head(much faster, better result)
3.Claw type constructure of emulsifying head
4.Cycle times(more times, better result)

As you may probably know that the shear rate is defined as the relative velocity between the two surfaces of the liquid layer. And the shear rate is decided by two factors: the linear speed of rotor and distance between two liquid layers. In a word, the high stability of the emulsion is closely related to the high precision of emulsifying equipment and the high rotate speed.

KOS emulsifying machines could be widely applied in cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and paint& ink industry with four different kinds of emulsifying heads. Mostly, long hole stator is suitable for medium solid particle crushing or medium viscosity of the liquid mixture; the round stator is suitable for general mixture or large solid mixing; the mesh stator is good at low viscosity mixture, which the shear rate is the fastest; and the claw type is good at emulsifying thoroughly. Based on your material and the emulsifying effect you want to reach, KOS Company can recommend you the most suitable one. If you want to know more information about emulsifying machine, please visit: http://www.emulsifyingmixer.com/.

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