DIY Beautiful Lipsticks With A Silicone Lipstick Mold

Many customers have no ideas which kind of lipstick mold is more suitable for them. Aluminum lipstick mold is more durable and easier to use, but each of them can only make one shape. If they want to make different shapes of lipsticks with aluminum mold, then they have to buy more than one mold. Silicone lipstick mold, however, is so favorable and has different shapes for the same one, which maybe a little complicated during making lipsticks as well. But with our instructional video, we believe that even if a pupil is able to make lipsticks with our silicone lipstick molds. When it comes to silicone lipstick mold, it can meet the satisfaction of people who lay emphasis on lipstick appearance the most, as there are many shapes available. What’s important, silicone mold is lighter and cheaper than aluminum mold, which is really a good news for DIY cosmetics fans. Read on and find what you like.


  •  Common beak/ water drop/ teardrop

The lipstick it made presents sharp top and elliptical bottom, just like a full teardrop. Simple as it is, common beak shape enjoys broad popularity no matter for aluminum mold or silicone mold. Name-brand cosmetics company like Guerlain, MAC, YSL and Givenchy produce water drop shape lipsticks as well.

  •  Arc-water

Arc-water shape is developed from common beak shape. It catches consumers’ eyes for its three-dimension curve compared with the original one.

  •  Nail

Nail shape lipstick looks like the fingernail, which is more mellow than any other shapes. Actually, nail shape lipsticks can also be widely found among famous lipstick brands, like Chanel, Lancome and Dior.

  •  Raised water

This one is more like a combination of common beak and acr-water. However, the olive shape is not so angular as waterdrop. Similarly, it is curved well.

  •  Rose

Rose shape lipstick is inclined to be a work of art. Just like the saying goes, no woman can resist the charm of rose, and the same to rose lipsticks.

  •  Heart

Lovely heart shape is so clear and needs no more explanations.

  •  Trapezoid

Trapezoid shape lipstick is recently introduced to our customers. The plane shows as trapezoid.

  •  Diamond

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to use but it is pretty nice like a tridimensional diamond after nicely incising.

  •  Star

If you are an adherent of YSL lipsticks, this shape must be familiar to you. The stars of the balm is able to keep up for a long time.

  •  Pen holder

Unlike the shape of lip balm, pen holder shape lipstick has inclined plane. This shape is very welcome and favored by Dior, Maybelline and Carslan.

  •  Pentagon

The whole lipstick is twisty and three-dimensional in every sense.

  •  Wedge

The most well-known wedge shape lipstick is introduced by CPB. Although it is not so delicate but convenient to use.

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