Different kinds of Pill Press Molds

1. WATSON853 stamp punch die mold set for TDP-0/1.5/5

watson853-pill-die2 watson853-pill-die

Watson-853 is a very popular one, most manufacturers will choose this .This puching die stamp for tablet press machine TPD-0/1.5/5, can be used to press granular or powder material into tablet, is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, food factories, hospitals, research institutes, laboratories and small batch of production.

2.XANAX Pill Press Molds for Punch Tablet Press Machine TDP 1.5T15*5mm



Another hot selling product.
Polygon Rectangle Stamping Die Mold/ Pill Press Molds/Moulds for Punch Tablet Press Machine —-Size—– TDP-0/1.5T/15*5mm TDP-5.0T/15*5mm *Components & Specification** 1xTop die (Dia 10mm) 1x Middle punch(TDP0/1.515*5mm Dia 28mm;TDP5.0:Dia 37mm 1x 1xBottom die(Dia 10mm)

3.In addition to the above item or a215/m30, if you want to do some personalized, irregular shape, then you need to customize.
The following is a very cool mold we’ve already customized

  • pill-dies1Dragon serpent Stamp Circlar Round Die Mold


  • Simpson Tablet press Die Mold


Go to http://www.punchdies.com/ to get more infomation  !

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