Cosmetic High Shear Emulsifying Mixer will Make Your Products Finer

When women buying the cosmetics product, what will they concern about? Generally speaking, the cosmetic products with high quality must have delightful touch. As we all know, there are three kinds of basic materials among the cosmetic product. They are wax, water and oil respectively, among which the wax can protect the users’ skin from the oxidation and dry weather. Typically, the function of wax varies from wax to wax. Some of them can add the luster while avoid the feeling of being sticky. They are so extraordinary that the wax is widely used in the lipstick, shampoo, cream, mascara and nail polish.

cosmetic emulsifying mixer

The finer and smoother the texture is, the higher quality the product is. It means that the materials should be mixed completely. However, it is widely believed that the wax cannot mix with water. It is true to some degree. When the water and wax are mixed together and vigorously shaken and stop it, the wax still floats on the water. Although there is some emulsifier (surfactant) that can be used to dissolve the wax into the water, it cannot mix with the water completely. What’s worse, the more surfactant the cosmetic products add, the more harmful the product is to the skin. In order to solve out this kind of situation, the KOS Cosmetic High Shear Emulsifying Mixer comes out. What makes the materials mix completely? Now the emulsifying mixer equipment tells you the story.

What is the Cosmetic High Shear Emulsifying Mixer and why so extraordinary? Typically, it is a high shear mixer that disperses one phase or ingredient in to a main continuous phase (liquid). The phase or ingredient is usually the immiscible ones. A rotor together with a stator is used either in a tank containing the solution to be mixed, or in a pipe through which the solution passes, to create shear. Thus, the materials will be mixed completely, creating a finer and smoother phase (liquid). When a high shear is added to the system, the materials will be processed in the narrow space between the stator and rotor by high tangential speed and strong energy of motion respectively. With the operation of sheering, extruding, impacting and breaking, liquid layer attrition and even turbulence, the materials which cannot be dissolved will be refined, dispersed and emulsified instantly. Not until the phases are fully emulsified, did the emulsification finish its job.

Therefore, the machine is widely applied in cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint& ink industry etc.

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