Common Problems May Occur in Tabletting Process

In the process of tabletting, mechanical problems more or less may occur, which directly affects the quality of tablets, and damages punch dies and tablet press machine if worse. A prompt response is urgent when we fall into such situations. For a better and effective solution, we must know the possible causes, then make a right action to eliminate the faults. In this article, we will start this discussion with frequently asked questions and corresponding viable solutions.

Why the materials fed into dies are insufficient?

1. The materials are unqualified with poor fluidity
Improve the formula of materials, make sure that they have correct and moderate excipient and effective ingredients. Too coarse or too fine of the particles are not brilliant to make good tablets. Poor fluidity may be also caused by moisture in the air. Sticking materials would be adhesive to the wall of copper, and hard to flow into the cavity of middle die.

Solution A: In such cases, the solution is to improve the quality of materials, keeping them from moisture and high light. Ensure that the materials are formed from an accurate formula.
Solution B: Lift the hopper or feeding chute to allow materials to flow smoothly. Or to remove the large particles or broken tablets from die cavity, leaving enough space for powder moving.

2.Improper installation or adjustment of bucket feeder.

On single punch pill press, the feeding course is completed with lift pole’s up and down, lift cam’s rolling, bucket feeder’s feeding and scrapping. Fast moving of the bucket feeder may rush to filling process. The tabletting process will start not until the whole filling course completes.
Solution: the operator should adjust all the relevant components to ensure every part could exert its full function.

pill press making problems and troubleshooting, pill maker►Why the scraper always hit the lower punch?

This problem just comes to the single punch tablet press and is eradicative on rotary tablet press. There should be a standard position for locating lower punch whose tip should be paralleled to the upper surface of the die plate when it has moved up to the highest point. If lower than this standard position, the tablet could not be ejected out successfully, and the scraper may damage the tablets. Otherwise, if upper, the scraper will hit the lower punch when in ejecting course.
Solution: Loose the gear plate to unscrew upper gear. Spin the gear clockwise, the ejection position will be raised up, while anticlockwise, the ejection position will be lowered down. After adjustment, tighten up the screw and gear plate to fix low punch.

Common Problems in Tabletting Process

► What do I do if there are variations in punch lengths?

Variation of punch length is harmful for the machine and would cause serious wear on punches and relevant components. In addition, the quality of tablets is also influenced, leading to loosening, laminating, breaking issues.
Solution A: Clean the punches and dies timely and do maintaining job regularly, so as to keep them in good condition. Regularly inspect the wear, polish and repair the slight wear, and discard the terribly worn ones timely.
Solution B: Do not use new punches with worn dies or new dies with worn punches, or the wear of both will be accelerated.

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