Cleaning Ways and Maintenance for Small Food Packaging


With the wide use of small food packaging, it plays a significant role for a relevant enterprise. Long-term use of small food packaging won’t damage anything to the equipment, but problems may come if ignoring its cleaning ways and maintenance. KOS machinery is specialized in packaging equipment for many years. Now we will summarize some ways for you.

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Basic cleaning ways for small food packaging machine:

  • Immediately clean the part for measuring after halting the machine. If you pack granulated sugar, radix isatidis infusion or salt,for example, you must clean the tray for material and turnplate everyday in order to avoid corrosion.
  • Regarding heat-seal equipment, frequently cleaning is a must to keep the texture of sealing area distinct.
  • Regularly clean the electric eye (photoelectrictracking light head) to ensure small error of tracking cursor.
  • Timely clean the remaining material scattered on the tray to keep the equipment tidy.
  • Clean dust of electric cabinet in case of poor contact.

Basic maintenance for small food packaging:

  • Regularly check whether all screws are loose or not
  • Pay attention that electrical appliance should be waterproof, moisture proof, anticorrosion, rat proof. Keep electric cabinet and amphenol connector clean in case of electrical failure.
  • Heat sealing roller should be in the splay conditionafter halting the machine in order not to damage the packaging material.
  • Timely add lubricating oil to all gear engagement, oil filler holes and all moving parts. Be careful not to drop oil to conveyor belt against slippery, burn-in and damage.
  • Moving parts of small food packaging should be checked and fastened and lubricated after using a week. And then, regularly check and maintain every month.

To conclude, following the above cleaning ways and maintenance can significantly extend the useful life of small food packaging machinery, improving the Return on Investment from these important purchases. In today’s global manufacturing world, even greater value can be extracted if you have a global knowledge capture and distribution system such that this knowledge of machinery maintenance can be effectively shared across your organization – letting you reap even greater benefits on a much wider scale. Based on network, KOS is delicate to convey this machinery maintenance information to those who ordered these machines. If interested, you can subscribe our email for more professional knowledge: Or directly shop online:

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