Candy Press ZP-33: Propose New Concept in Candy Tablet Press

The UEFA Champions League is an annual continental club football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations and it is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide. If you’re a football fan, this article will propose a totally new concept in confectionery, which can be personalized by you with any design to suit any occasion, creating a completely unique and bespoke gift with ZP-33 rotary tablet press.

As the popular event in sports, the UEFA Champions League is contested by top-division European clubs. Last week, Real Madrid completed their third straight UEFA Champions League triumph with a 3-1 defeat of Liverpool in Kyiv. Therefore if you are a fan of Real Madrid, you can hold a football-themed candy buffet to celebrate it with your friends. With the multifunctional ZP-33 machine, you can make your novel ideas come true. Medal shaped candy, football shaped candy, or candy with your favorite player’s jersey number can be manufactured by this versatile machine. For example, if you are crazy about Cristiano Ronaldo, you can customize a candy tablet shape as his shirt number 7.

Candy Press ZP-33: Propose New Concept in Candy Tablet Press.candy maker, tablet maker, compression machine, tablet machine

ZP-33 compression machine is a double pressing type of automatically revolving and pressing machine which is used to press powders or granules into tablets of various shapes. And both surfaces of the tablet can be carved with characters, numbers, cartoon, hero, etc. Special tablets like colorful tablets, bi-layed tablets, ring-like tablets can be produced by ZP-33. In particular, force feeding system is optional, which is good to improve materials mobility and balance tablet weight. Two feeding systems can be modified and equipped on bilayer tablet press to make bi-layed tablets.

Candy Press ZP-33: Propose New Concept in Candy Tablet Press.candy maker, tablet maker, compression machine, tablet machine


The pursuit of intelligent, digital, humanization design is penetrating through every detail of this tab maker. Equipped with plexiglass perspective window which helps you to observe the status of candy pressing operation. Side doors could be fully opened, easy to clean and maintain. This machine can guarantee the quality of the candy for the reason that the cover is made of stainless steel with closed type. The inner table surface is also applied with stainless steel materials which could keep surface glossy and prevent it from contamination and cross-contamination, complying with GMP requirement. In conclusion, the convenient operation and smooth revolving are safe and correct.

A focus on all such factors result into high quality output and this way you can get access to exclusive candies with this ZP-33 tablet machine, and give it to your favorite football idol to express your affection.




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