Best Selling Pharmaceutical Machines of Single Punch Tablet Press

Single punch tablet press is a small-medium size pharmaceutical machine which has a better performance than handheld pill press but with less production capacity compared with rotary tablet press. Therefore, the single punch tablet press is suitable for small batch production requiring good quality of tablets or pills. There are several different single punch tablet press equipped with different technique parameters. A tough decision comes while choosing a suitable machine.

Let’s put it in this way. For special use or in special industry, the pharmaceutical machine should be custom-made or specially designed. But for general purpose use, we could judge the performance or practicability by its selling situation. The best selling types must be most popular and favored in the pharmaceutical market, which could be taken into consideration as one of the reference standards. As a professional supplier, we will generalize 3 types of single punch tablet press that are sold best.

TOP 1 — TDP-0

  • Wide application: Can be used to make pills, candies, calcium, chewable milk, mothball, and other tablets. Application fields include pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, electronic industries, etc.
  • Lab-use:Suitable for small batch production, around 30-50pcs/min.
  • Manual control: Turn a crank to make machine work. One full turn of the crank will produce one piece of tablet, which is more labor-saving than handheld pill press.
  • Small size: Portable type can be moved on table or anywhere to work.
  • Thickness/size/hardnessof the tablets can be adjusted.


TOP 2 — TDP-5

  • Power driven: power is stably generated by motor, approximately 6000pcs/h tablets can be produced.
  • Good quality of tablets: the pressure is constantly formed, the tablets are made with less weight variation and thickness difference.
  • Easily assembled and disassembled
  • It can be used to makeharder, bigger, thicker tablets by strong power.
  • Thickness can be adjusted by depth of filling; hardness is controlled by pressure; and the size of the tablet is decided by thepunches and die.



TOP 3 — TDP-6

  • Big tablets/Hard tablets: The motor generates large pressure as much as 60kn, which makes it possible to make tablets with max diameter of 25mm and max thickness of 8mm
  • Custom-made service: the motor can be custom made due to different voltage and other requirements in different countries. And the punch stamp can be custom made as well. Patterns with numbers, characters, logo, cartoon and so on can be specially designed.
  • Safety guarantee: We provide custom broker service in some regions. The packages can be reached safely and fast.
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