Ball Screw Notes and Maintain


With the wide application of CNC machines and other automatic control equipments, the use of the ball screw with high efficiency is more and more. But ball screws are easily damaged, a little wear could impact machine’s accuracy, even normal working. In other words, correctly use and timely maintenance is necessary.

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Ball Screw Notes
In all kinds of mechanical equipments, correctly install ball screw pair, you need to note the following matters.

1. Ball screw is a precision driving device, every parts needs lubrication. Especially, in ball nut, the lubrication is very important, it could impact nut and screw service life, also the whole device drive. Lubrication reduces friction, prevents corrosion and allows the rolled ball screw to operate more efficiently.

2. The ball screw is same as rolling bearing, and the dust will reduce the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the ball screw with a screw protector. In current market, most of ball screw pairs have been installed with labyrinth seal rings to prevent dust to enter into ball screws. Moreover, if the metal filling is easy to enter into working areas, it is also necessary to consider the screw protector on the whole of the ball screw.

3. Because of the special structure of ball screw nut, it should not bear the radial load, in order to avoid the bending of the screw, which affects the transmission precision and the flexibility of the movement, and even reduces the service life. Therefore, when installation, more attention must be paid that the axis line of the screw is parallel to the nut seat moving trajectory.

4. When installing ball screw into equipment, note that the screw and the nut are not separate to avoid balls out. Do not knock the ball screw, especially protect the ball pipe. Because of thin pipe wall, the collision deformation will make the ball moving restricted.

Ball Screw Maintain
A ball screw must be properly lubricated and kept clean at all times. Otherwise its life will be reduced.

● Cleanliness
Clean the oil on the surface of the guide rail and the screw, especially the oil pollution in the groove, also, pay attention to the oil pollution in the guide mounting hole

● Lubrication
There are two types of lubrication: oil and grease. Oil pool lubrication is the most appropriate method, because this method can meet stringent conditions such as high speed, heavy load or external heat transfer. And grease lubrication is suitable for medium and low speed and medium light load.

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