Automated Air-Pressing Lipsticks Releasing Machine: Strip Off The Lipstick Balms Nicely


So far, the lipsticks production has been moved forward successfully. We have already made it through the milling, heating, filling and freezing process and now it is time to move to another step—stripping. It is an important step to create a perfect lipstick in that an improper way to strip off the lipstick balm will lead to the fracture and crack of lipstick balm. Aiming reduce the risk of broken and imperfect lipsticks, the Automated Air-Pressing Lipsticks Releasing Machine comes out.
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What is Automated Air-Pressing Lipsticks Releasing Machine? Basically, the machine is designed for the manufacturers to work out the problem which allows the users to strip off the lipstick balm conveniently and effectively. In a word, it is designed for the auxiliary release device for lipstick. Generally, it is made of cabinet, control panel, and working area including stationary frame for <strong><a href=””>lipstick mold</a></strong> and bracket for stripping. Compared with traditional manual operation, the automated operation of this machine enables the manufacturers to strip the lipstick off more effectively. The manufactures used to strip off the balms one by one manually. Not only did this way spend a long time in finishing the “installation” of <strong><a href=””>lipsticks tubes</a></strong>, but also it reduced the work efficiency. What’s worse, it was easy to make the balm broken and destroy the smooth and fine surface. The automated operation can improve the work efficiency effectively. It is time to say good bye to the one by one stripping time.

Distinguished from the manual operation, the machine can strip off over 2 lipstick balm in the molds simultaneously. Meanwhile, the PLC operation interface is set in this lipstick machine, making the users to control the machine easily. Besides, the users can set the time for demolding, drawing and putting. Thus, take it easy for time control. The machine will help users control the time automatically. Furthermore, aiming to reduce and even avoid the risk of friction damage and blocking of blow holes at the bottom of the mold, the machine uses the side-blown design. Before we turn on the machine, place the molds on the working area first. Make sure that the molds have been put on the bracket safely in case of falling down. Just as we mention before, the side-blown design is applied in this machine. It will blow the wind at the side instead of blowing wind directly, avoiding the damage on the balms.

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