Advantages of a Liquid Filling Machine


Liquid filling machine is one kind of packaging machine to automatically split charge and fix quantify liquids. It is not only widely used in the insecticide factory, manufacturing laboratory, ampoule, eye drops, all kinds of oral liquids, shampoo, and other water aqua, but also in the chemical experiment for quantitative filling various kinds of liquids. A liquid filling machine suitable for filling a container, for example with wine, wherein a closure grips the dispensing closure of the container from an intermediate level, lifts it from the container, moves it to one side and at the same time moves the filling head over the now open mouth of the container, lowers the filling head into the container, charges the container with liquid, raises again to the upper level and indexes back to again position the closure above the container, drive the closure back into the container down to the lower level wherein the closure is permanently retained and releases the closure. People tend to choose a liquid filling machine because it has some advantages.

filling machine

Firstly, a liquid filling machine can be used to fill many kinds of materials, for instance, juice, soybean sauce, vinegar, drug, floral water etc. The machine can be adjusted based on the products; moreover, filling capacity can be adjusted yourself as well.

Secondly, it is easy and convenient to operate this machine. To someone who is new to the technology, just start the machine and it will work. However, some details such as safety should be paid attention to. Before operating the machine, you need to comprehend instructions.

Thirdly, it is very convenient to repair the machine if it’s broken. Usually speaking, only professional repairmen can repair the machines in the foreign country. But, someone who knows the packaging machine is able to repair it, which saves time and reduce trouble.

Finally, compare to other machines, the price of liquid filling machine is cheaper and more acceptable. Good cost performance, the scale of liquid filling machine varies. Large-scale factories can choose liquid filling product line while small factories choose single filling machine.

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