The pursuit of beauty is a human instinct, so we tend to appreciate something possesses gorgeous appearance, which doesn’t mean we don’t care intrinsic quality. As a matter of fact, no matter how good a product is, any sagacious businessmen will still do everything possible to beautify the packing, in order to stand out from thousands of similar competing products. With regard to lipstick, high-grade lipstick also needs a high-grade lipstick tube. Therefore, we supply not only superior lipstick molds but also stylish designed lipstick tube made in new plastic material with excellent performance for our customers. Here we introduce three kinds of best-selling lipstick tubes for your reference:

lipstick tube

  • Parameter
Height Width Weight Color Material
80.3mm 21.8mm 21g White+Gold White+Silver Black+Gold Plastic

This pearlized lipstick container has mellow and glossy color, with rhinestone on the top can absolutely attract your attention. Each tube has its own dominant color and we provide the most versatile two color for your selection: white and black. The central section correspond with the rhinestone, featuring tactile appeal and three-dimension grain.

  • Dazzling GoldCarved Lipstick Containers

lisptick tube1

  • Parameter
Height Diameter Color Material
73mm 22mm Gold Plastic

This kind of dazzling gold lipstick tube, with vintage carved daisy pattern on the top, is able to sparkle even without sunshine. The raised lines on the tube create some three-dimension feeling. Should you have a certain passion for gold picks, don’t miss it.


  • ClassicalPP Material Lipstick Cases

lisptick tubes

  • Parameter
Height Width Color Material
76mm 22mm Black ABS

This sort of classically elegant lipstick tube matches black with gold, simple but dignified. Apart from black color, we are also able to supply gold and white color. ABS (the abbreviation of AcrylonitrileButadieneStyrene) material, a kind of easy-to-machine and form thermoplastic polymer with high-impact performance and high toughness, usually applied to making outer case of instrument, guarantees you healthy and natural lipstick experience.


  • How To Clean Lipstick Tube

In order to ensure safe and healthy lipstick, we’d suggest appropriate cleaning before using. However, we find there are some misconception among lipstick tube users, such as clean the tube with water etc, so that some practical suggestions seem to be essential.

  • As for a small quantity of lipstick tubes, wipe them with a tissue or cloth bedewed by alcohol;
  • Ultraviolet lightis a quick and efficient way to disinfect large quantities of lipstick tubes;
  • High-temperature disinfection can not be applicable to lipstick tube;
  • It is better avoid cleaning with water.
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