Recently, we have received several questions about lipstick shape from our customers. Most of them express their doubts about many kinds of lipstick shape in the market. Lipstick shape, as an important character of a lipstick, has a great connection with lipstick molds. Different sellers may define the same kind of lipstick shape in different words, therefore as a responsible and professional lipstick mold supplier, we would to like introduce and sort some hot sale lipstick shapes to our customers.

In order to make our introduction more clear, we will list pictures of different lipstick mould, then analyze each of them based on their own name in details.

lipstick shape

  • Type A: Common beak, also called Waterdrop, is specially recommended  before. The lipstick it make presents sharp top and elliptical bottom, just like a full waterdrop.
  • Type B: Arc-water shape is developed from common beak shape with curved surface. It seems to win consumers’favour for its more three-dimension exterior than the original one.
  • Type C: Take a look at your fingernail and you will find no difficulty in figure out Moondrop shape. Compared to any other shapes, it is more mellow.
  • Type D: Raised water shape is more like a combination of common beak and acr-water. However, this olive shape one is not so angular as waterdrop. Similarly, it is curved well.
  • Type E: Actually, this Rose shapeis inclined to be a work of art. But please note that silicone lipstick mold behaves better than aluminum one in making rose shape lipsticks.
  • Type F: Heart shape is so clear that it needs no more explanations.

Apparently, regular lipstick shapes are not enough to satisfy the needs of consumers. More and more unique and user-friendly lipstick shapes appear subsequently.

  • Type G: Although it looks like a common crayon, but it is a lipstick made by aluminum lipstick mold indeed. Just draw the most charming lip with it!
  • Type H: It’s now easier than ever to achieve the trendy ombre lipswith two-tone lipsticks. Its slanted design allows you to get a precise application, and ensures the two shades blend naturally for a seamless look. With our custom two-tone square shape lipstick mold, everyone can make a perfect two-tone lipstick.


We would like to end the passage with these two classic lipstick shape.

  • Type I: Flat-faced beveled shape has been launched for a long time and proved to have enduring appeal.
  • Type J: Plain top is usually applied to lip balm, simple but widely applicable.


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All the above mentioned shape can be designed into an aluminum lipstick mold, we hope you find it helpful and choose the right shapes for yourself. For more information, please contact us.

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