9 Tips to Maintain Emulsifying Machines


KOS machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of emulsifying machines, including high shear emulsifier, bottom homogenizer and emulsifying pumps. And KOS machines are being sold all over the world. If you have already bought or want to buy our emulsifying machines, this article will provide you with some beneficial information because it’s about 9 tips to maintain emulsifying machines.

emulsifying machines

  1. Clean the emulsifying machine thoroughly after production, which not only guarantees efficiency of the stator and rotor, but also protects the seal of emulsifying machines. If necessary, please design and install a set of recycling cleaning system around the seal;
  2. Start the engine after confirming to connect cooling system of the mechanical seal. Double check whether the rotary direction of the engine is in line with one of the principal axis. Prohibit reverse or opposite rotary direction;
  3. If there is liquid leaking into the axis, please adjust the pressure of mechanical seal;
  4. Take the different mediums into consideration, the filter of the discharge hole should be cleaned regularly in case of less feeding material which will affects productivity effect; Fluid material rather than dry-powder material or agglomerates should be feed into the working chamber, otherwise, it would lead to damage the emulsifying machine;
  5. Metal filing or dopant hard to crush will be prohibited in case of the destructive damage of the rotor, stator and equipment;
  6. Before the usage of the emulsifying machine, relevant SOP should be formulated to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment. Set the safety protection system for the uses of electrical apparatus control system, and install the favorable and reliable grounding device for the engine;
  7. Regularly check the stator and rotor. Timely change correspond spare part if any abrasion is found in order to ensure dispersing and emulsifying effects;
  8. Continually input the liquid material or keep a certain amount of material in the emulsifying tank when using the emulsifying machine. Prohibit rotating with empty material because material during the process will generate high temperature or crystal solidification that damages the equipment;
  9. Once any abnormal sound or other malfunctions is found during the rotation, shut down the machine and check immediately. Restart the machine when clearing the trouble. After shutting down the machine, working chamber, stator and rotor should be cleaned.

It will prolong the service time of emulsifying machine to keep maintaining the machine. If the equipment is in the combustible, explosive conditions please choose explosion-proof motor to ensure safety. Hope this article can find you some useful information for your reference. If interested, please visit our website to find more: www.emulsifyingmixer.com.

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