8 Advantages of Pillow Packing Machine

The development of in the packaging machinery industry is very good, which not only has advanced packaging technology, but also sophisticated production equipment and powerful functions. The reasons why pillow packing machine is popular are as follows. Firstly, intelligentized human-machine interface manipulation is adopted. Secondly, it adopts dual-inverter to better control. Thirdly high sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking color mark makes the sealing and cutting more accurate. Besides these, pillow wrapping machine has many other leading functions and technologies. We will summarize following 8 features.
packing machine


1. High degree of automation. The whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer and stepping motor. Therefore, it’s very safe to operate this packaging machine, what’s more, it’s very convenient and simple to set parameters;
2.Drive system of pillow wrapping machine is concise and stable, which not only realizes feeding material, packing and seal-cutting in one step, but also effectively improve packing efficiency;
3.Pillow packing machine has positioned stop function. During seal-cutting, the last process, this function will not only make accurate precision, but also the seal cutting knife will not stick on the packaging film when continuous shrinkage of sealing and cutting;
4.Defective index of pillow packing machine is low. Furthermore, automatic detection device is set in the drive system, which empty pack has no chance to go into the seal-cutting process. Automatically stopping and taking out empty pack will improve the quality and avoid waste of packaging film;
5.Packing environment is clean and reliable. No necessary to involve any operator in the whole packing process. What’s more, main contact parts are all made of stainless steel material and even the transmission shaft is oil-free;
6.Flexible regulating system and broad packaging range, that is to say, all kinds of specifications, forms and shapes of material can be packed by pillow packing machine. For instance: cookies, chips, tissues, soap, metal products, box etc;
7.Pillow packing machine is widely used in food, commodity, pharmacy, metal products, toys and stationery etc;
8.Save energy and high efficiency. Functions can be adjusted and technology improved based on the different needs of markets because it’s controlled by software;
In conclusion, pillow packing machine not only promotes the packaging machinery industry to a new step, but also accelerates other related industry. Kos machinery is specialized in packaging machines such as food packing machine, industrial packing machine, pharmaceutical packaging and other related machines. We have a professional technical team to support you any questions. If interested, please visit our websites: http://www.kosbestpacking.com/.

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