7 Ways to Maintain Liquid Filling Machine and Paste Filling Machine


Filling machines are used for packaging, mainly for food or beverage but for other products as well. These are used to fill either a bottle or a pouch, depending on the product. Liquid filling machines and paste filling machines are two significant kinds used in the food or beverage industry. Furthermore, food safety continues to gain increased focus worldwide and more attention was paid to the application of the filling machines in the food or beverage. Therefore, seven ways you must know to maintain the filling machines, which includes liquid filling machine and paste filling machine.

10-300ml Semi Automatic Liquid Filler Machine

  • 7 Ways to Maintain Liquid Filling Machine:

Driven by air cylinder, liquid piston fillers suck and punch the material, control the flow direction by one-way valve, manage the itinerary by magnetic reed switch, thus you can adjust the filling volume. Seven ways to maintain the liquid filling machines are as follows.

  1. Frequently emitting the moisture in the water-air separator;
  2. Frequently adding the one-third cup of engine oil in the oil mist;
  3. Regularly cleaning the cup and filtration of water-air separator. Filter element should be cleaned in the mineral oil and then blow off it with compressed air;
  4. Timely changing the abrasive seal rings on the feeding piston and below the discharging cylinder;
  5. No mixture with filling material, otherwise it can cause the inaccuracy of filling volume and damage the machine;
  6. Never using sharp or hard edge tool to scrape the stainless steel surface of the liquid filling machine in order to keep it bright and clean. Use alcohol to wipe the surfaceif it is polluted;
  7. Please do not disassemble the air cylinder or add any lubricating oil because it is already added when the air cylinder is delivered.

Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine

  • 7 Ways to Maintain Paste Filling Machine:
  1. The most suitable temperature for paste filling machine is -5℃~40℃, relative humidity is <90℃, so the constant temperature is the best. Place it in the ventilated, dry and clean area.
  2. Check whether the power supply and voltage is normal or not; double check whether the outlet has safety ground lead; Overall clean the machine, wipe it with cleaning agent, and dry it with soft non-woven fabrics;
  3. The machine should be cleaned and maintained to prolong its life when finish using it;
  4. Keep it clean and oil contamination is forbidden to avoid the abrasion of the machine;
  5. Paste filling machine can be divided into two kinds. One is automatic filling machine;the other is manual filling machine. When adopting the manual mode, just push the reed contact using the bottleneck, finally it begins to suck material. Do not hold out against the reed contact; when it is automatic, you must put a bottle blow the discharging Turn on the switch and start to fill, and timely change the bottle when it is full;
  6. When the filling volume is not stable, please check the one-way valve whether has sundries or not, whichwill lead to the seal inappropriately;
  7. The ail cylinder is leaking material, which proves its seal ring is abrasive. Change the seal ring immediately.

In a word, maintaining the filling machines well will not only enhance working efficiency, but also guarantee the food and beverage safety during the filling process. If you think this article is beneficial for you, please subscribe our email emulsifyingmixer@foxmail.com to get more useful information or you can visit our websites: http://www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com/ .



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