7 Steps to Clean and Maintain Lipstick Mold

In order to ensure safe and hygiene manufacturing, lipstick mold kit should be strictly cleaned and polished. There are various cosmetic molds for sale in the market, aluminum lipstick mold, rubber mold, silicone lipstick molds and so on. Proper maintenance and cleaning of lipstick mold is conductive to extending mold service life, improving productivity, reducing unnecessary cost as well. Compared with other huge machines, the design of lipstick mold is not complicated, so cleaning and maintenance of lipstick mould is easier as long as with patience and carefulness.
For safety and sanitary consideration, clean the mold each time before making lipsticks, especially for the residual materials and stain in the mold inside. For long-time service, cleaning and maintaining after using molds is obbligato. Apply some grease or lubricant on the surface of the mold before storage. We are cleaning a double color lipstick mold as an example, but the process is the same for any mold.

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1.First, you need to prepare some materials: gloves, Q-tips, wood skewer, paper towel, alcohol, mineral oil. (Aluminum mold should not be washed by soap&water, or mold will be rust.)
2.Wear gloves first then spray some alcohol on paper towel, and wipe the mold surface by paper towel.
3.Let q-tips dip in alcohol, then use q-tips to clean hard-to-reach spots.
4.Use a wood skewer to get to spots that a q-tip can not reach.
5.Once you finish cleaning all parts with alcohol, wipe the mold down with oil. (The oil could protect the mold from moisture in the air that can make it rust.)
6.Wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel.
7.At the end, assemble parts together and wrap the mold in the saran wrap to protect it from moisture in the air.

Now you could use your mold to make lipsticks. For personal used, we suggest use lipstick mold with 2 or 4 holes and make a healthy all-natural homemade lipstick by yourself.

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