7 Features of High Grade ZP-35 Rotary Tablet Press

Rotary tablet press ZP-35 is a double pressing automatic tablet compression machine, from which the powders and granule would be pressed into pieces of tablets. The tablets in round, rectangle, oval, and irregular shapes can be imprinted characters, numbers, logo or other stamps. Following are the 7 features of ZP-35 allowing it to be outstanding and preferred.


1. ZP-35 is a kind of double pressing and continuous automatic tablet press machine. Different from ZP-9 rotary tablet press, it can make bi-color tablets and pills.


This article is about seven features of High Grade ZP35 Rotary Tablet Press.


2. ZP35 has perfect tabletting system, twice compression forming reached by pre-pressing and main pressing, extending the pressing time to extrude air, so as to avoid tablet weight variation and ensure the quality of tablets.


This article is about seven features of High Grade ZP35 Rotary Tablet Press.


3. Hydraulic over-load protection device is equipped, the machine can stop automatically in case of over-pressure to protect the punch tips from damages.
4. The housing is fully enclosed, and made of stainless steel. The surface of the rotary turret is covered with a hardened layer to avoid rust and wear. And the enclosed housing creates a hygienic and cleaning environment for making quality tablets without contamination and cross-contamination, conforming to GMP.
5. The machine has transparent windows, from where the operator could observe the tabletting state clearly, and to make prompt action to avoid failures. The windows can be opened, therefore, cleaning, maintaining, and troubleshooting is easy.
6. It has PLC and touch screen control. The running speed and filling depth is adjustable. All the running parameters can be set and shown.
7. Forced feeder is optionally installed.


This article is about seven features of High Grade ZP35 Rotary Tablet Press.


This machine has a wide scope of applications. It is applicable not only to the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry, but also the chemical, ceramic, electronic industry for pressing the various kinds of granular materials into tablets.
Pharmaceutical: Pfizer, Watson, GG249, G3722, Viagra, A/215, M/30, etc.
Food: chewable milk, calcium, vitamin, candies, confection, coffee tablet, etc.
Chemical: camphor, detergent, facial tablet, etc.



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