7 Advantages of Pneumatic Filling Machine


Pneumatic filling machine is one kind of filling equipment which utilizes compressed gas as a source of power. It is mainly consisted of rack, charging bucket, measuring filling system and workbench. As everyone knows, many products in the filling industry needs boot control, especially filling machine for small dosage. Under this circumstance, it is also called plunger type filling machine which required the pneumatic mode more to control measurement. Thick chilli sauce filler and jam filler are pneumatic filling machines. More and more customers tend to choose pneumatic filling machine because it has many following advantages.

filling machine

  • Construction of pneumatic control system is simple and convenient. Easy to install and maintain. Low pressure rating enables it’s safe to use.
  • Working medium is air which is inexhaustible. It is easy to handle exhaustunit which is pollution-free to environment and low cost.
  • It is very easy to adjust output force and working speed. Ordinary, working speed of pneumatic control system is about 50~500mm/s, faster than the one of hydraulic pressuresystem and starting point way.
  • High reliabilityand long service time, valid action times of electrical apparatus element is about several tens of thousands while lifetime of SMC ordinary flux valve is more than 30 million and small type of valves exceed 100 million.
  • Squeezability of ail can store energy to realize mass gas supply, which is able to release energy in a short time. Under this circumstance, it can gain high speed response from intermittent motionto realize buffer so that impact load has strong adaptive capacity. Start pneumatic unit can be self perpetuating.
  • Fully pneumatic filling control system is fireproofing, anti-explosion and moisture resistance. Moreover, comparing to hydrauliccontrol system, it’s can be used in the high temperature environment.
  • Becauseof low air flow losses, compressed air can be supplied centralized and transported from long distance.

Even though pneumatic filling machine has so many advantages, it has disadvantages either. Firstly, movement velocity of air cylinder changes as variation of load because air has compressibility. Secondly, as the proportion of friction force in the impetus force is larger during low velocity movement of air cylinder, velocity movement of air cylinder is stable. Thirdly, in most occasions, output force of air cylinder will meet job requirements but a little lower. It can be better used when you know more information about advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic filling machine and choose the suitable filling machine for production. Kos sold many kinds of filling machines to customers all over the world. Please kindly visit our website and order inline directly: www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com.

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