【VIDEO】6 Steps to Make A Pill on Mini Handheld Tablet Press

This mini handheld tablet press is made of hard stainless steel with gold plating outside, which is good for cleaning and maintaining, preventing rust and stain. It is composed of three parts, upper punch, bottom punch and middle die. The shape and stamp is decided by the punch tip. As custom-made service is provided, any stamp or logo can be customized. This manual tablet press can make pills, candies. calcium, vitamin, detergent, etc. Actually, any tablets made of granular or powder could be compacted.




With easy-to-understand design concept and simple structure, the mini handheld tablet press could make tablets in only 6 steps.

  1. Put middle die on the lower punch.
  2. Feed powders or granular into middle die hole, and remove residue material.(Tablet thickness is decided by the pressure and filling depth. But the filling depth decides the dosage.)
  3. Put upper punch on.
  4. Hit them with a hammer to make the powders compacted.
  5. Upside down the punches.
  6. Take out the lower punch, and eject the pill out.




We prepared a video tutorial to show how to operate it. Besides above introduced handheld tablet press, we have other manual pill press. Any questions, feel free to contact us sales@handheldpillpress.com.



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