6 Notes to Extend the Service Life of the Punch Dies

In the production of tablets, tablet press and punch die are the equipment that are used to press the granules directly into the tablets. As the main consumables of the tabletting process, the amount of the punch dies is very large. During the pressing process, the axial force of the punch die is generally 50~100 Kn, with the main load of the punch die being axial alternating load, which will heavily wear down the punch dies. The correct and reasonable use can guarantee the quality of the tablet and extend the service life of the punch dies, thus reducing the operating cost.

punch dies and punch molds in good quality

It should be noted that in the process of using the punch dies:

(1) A die room should be set up in the tabletting section and a specially-assigned person should be responsible for the checking, the inspection, the maintenance, the storage and the distribution of the punch dies.

(2) Check the roughness of the punch dies before and after use, then check if there are defects such as cracks, chipped edge and deformation. The surface of the lettering punching die should be bright, to prevent problems such as tablets sticking together or the words on the tablets being blurry.

(3) In order to prevent differences in weight, we must ensure the consistency of the punch length. Particularly, when the new and the old punch dies are used together, we should pay more attention to the consistency of the length.

(4) Try to turn down the tabletting force. Users can adjust it according to the standard hardness of tablets. Do not increase the pressure just because of the misunderstanding that the harder the tablets are, the better quality they have.

(5) Do as the Operation Manual says for assembling and disassembling the tabletting dies.

(6) After the tabletting, the die should be removed in time and wiped clean from the pill press. It should be coated with oil to prevent getting rusty.

different punch stamps can be customized on punch dies

Punch dies and pill press can be embossed different punch stampsChina’s pharmaceutical equipment has made a comprehensive and rapid development in the past 10 years, which has greatly promoted the overall development of China’s pharmaceutical industry. However, there are still differences in the pharmaceutical equipment technology level compared with internationally renowned brands of pharmaceutical machinery. China’s pharmaceutical machinery industry has a long way to go and there is still room for development.

Parts of the content and points of view are written from the angle of the users to elaborate the selection and usage of the tablet press and the punch dies. The purpose is to enhance the technical communication and the experience communication between equipment manufacturers and customers. If this article can ever help the equipment manufacturers in any way, that is the intention of this article.

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