6 Best Features of Bottom Homogenizer Tank


Emulsifying head of bottom homogenizer tank, usually assembled in the stainless steel tank, shears and mixes material in the tank with high speed rotation. There are many kinds of emulsifying heads which can be changed based on the product and emulsifying result you want to reach. Bottom emulsification head, which is assembled in the bottom of tank, is one kind of homogenizer machine. Material will be sucked into the narrow gap which is in the middle of emulsifying head, and forms powerful circulation flow in the tank, with the positive and negative impact between the centre rib and outside low speed stirring rib. Under these circumstances, it will generate strong shear force, impact force and dispersing effect, which will thoroughly smash, mix, emulsify and homogenize material and effectively increase the stability and glossiness of the product.

homogenizer tank

Features of bottom homogenizer tank

  1. Assembled in the bottom of tank or barrel, bottom emulsifying machine takes advantage of high speed emulsification unit, generating material to form powerful circulation flow, which mixes, emulsifies, disperses and homogenizes the material thoroughly. In this case, good and balanced molecular structure will be produced.
  2. The bottom of the tank is slightly infundibulate, forcing the speed of discharging material. Thus, it is convenient to transport
  3. The stainless steel tank has an interlayer, which can be directly heated or cooled. Regarding the way to cool the product faster, the tank has an interlayer which has four cooling holes, two inlet holes and two outlet holes. Fill the water into the two inlet holes and out from the two outlet holes when you want to cool the product.  If you really want to more faster cooling product, a separate refrigerating machine can be assembled externally.
  4. Sealing unit on the tank cover is waterproof and dustproof, sanitary safety, no pollutions. A sight glass is assembled in the tank cover in order to conveniently observe product status.
  5. Bottom emulsifying tank adopts high quality 304/316 stainless steel material, in line with GMP requirement.
  6. Structures and features of bottom emulsifying tank can be customized to add other units based on the customers’requirements, for instance, sampling valve, thermometer and content gauge etc.

In conclusion, bottom emulsifying tank has many features based on your own manufacture requirement. Moreover, contractures of it can also be added. If you are really interested in buy this kind of machine, tell your detailed product, volume, viscosity etc to you supplier. The more details you tell, the more it is useful for them to recommend the right one to you. Welcome to our website to see more information:

http://www.emulsifyingmixer.com/ or just email: emuslfiyingmixer@foxmail.com.


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