5 Steps to Correctly Maintain Paste Filling Machine


Paste filling machine, utilizing compressed air as power, is an automatic filling system which consists of precision pneumatic components. Easy construction, reliable performance, convenient adjustment, it’s not only suitable for all kinds of liquid, viscosity flow and paste filling, but also can work in the inflammable and explosive environment. Therefore, it’s ideal filling equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics etc. The most important part of paste filling machine is feed hopper. Thus, several points should be paid attention to when you order the paste filling machine: exterior material used, electric appliance, rationality of joints between all units, quality of feeding hole. 5 steps to correctly maintain paste filling machine are as follows.

Single head paste filling machine

Step 1: Be Careful of Temperature.

The most ideal temperature for paste filling machine is -10℃~50℃, relative humidity is <85℃. No corrosive gas, dust, or explosive gas in the air around when using the filling machine.

Step 2: Filter of Paste Filling Machine.

Frequently clean the filter of paste filling machine and regularly clean the engine body with relevant detergent products. Take care of not cleaning for a long time which would cause much dirty and reduce filling efficiency.

Step 3: Lubricating Oil.
Open the rear cover and add lubricating oil to sliding parts, switch or all joints of heating rod in order to avoid the machine to rust because of long-term dry.
Step 4: No Movement When Using the Machine.
Be careful of not inclining placing the machine or putting down the machine. Keep the paste filling machine stabilized.

Step 5: Safe Operation.

It’s risky to operate the paste filling machine, just as the other perilous machinery equipment. Therefore, you should be very careful when operate the machine.

Ways to regularly maintain paste filling machine can not only prolong the life of machine, but also rapidly improve the product efficiency. Besides maintenance, several skills you should note are as follows. Firstly, unify the dimension of filling bottle, bottle pad, and bottle cap because paste filling machine is an automatic machine. Secondly, use the suitable tools to adjust the machine. Too large tool or overexerting yourself to disassemble the spare parts is prohibited in order to avoid damaging the machine or affecting the machine performance. Thirdly, tighten up screws after adjusting the machine. Fourthly, keep the machine clean. Oil contamination, liquid or glass chippings are strictly prohibited in case of damaging or corroding the machine. If you strictly do what we said above including maintenance and skills, you will better take advantage of the machine. Any questions, please subscribe our email: sales@emulsifyingmixer.com or shop directly on our website: http://www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com/.

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