5 Steps to Clean and Maintain TDP5 Tablet Press

TDP5 tablet press is a single punch pharmaceutical machine to make granules into different shapes and sizes of tablets. How to bring its functions into full play is exactly what the manufacturers are pondering over. And how to keep the machine and mechanical parts in good state becomes what most concerned. As a result, we found that timely cleaning is critical to keep it alive and scrupulous maintenance is indispensable.

Here we introduce how to clean and maintain tablet press TDP5. Only 5 steps is enough. After a cleaning and maintaining job, you will find that the machine is running more fluently and unobstructed. And this 5-step cleaning process is also applicable for other single punch tablet press, like TDP1.5, TDP6, TDP1, and TDP0. If you still have any confusions, please contact us kosmachinery@gmail.com. We are glad to help you.

TDP5 Tablet Press

 Step 1: Remove the dust and granules

Made of stainless steel and exposed in the air, the tablet press machine is a good landing place for dusts. A long time accumulation of dust not only makes the machine tarnished, but also heaps up on the transmission parts, which may affect its fluent running. Just try to use a air pump or air blower or something like that can generate a gust of air, to blow away dust and the granules on the die plate.


 Step 2: Use a brush to wipe off dust in hard-reach corners

There must be some dead angles that hard to reach, and the dust will adhere to that. In such cases, we should use a brush to wipe off them. If necessary, Q-tips can be used to help.

TDP5 Tablet Press

 Step 3: Remove rust

As a metal work, tablet press machine is possible to get rusty due to oxidation or corrosivity of the feeding materials. But we can also keep the machine in good state as we remove the dust in time. Spray some dust agent on the machine, and wipe the machine gently with a cloth of lint.

Clean TDP5 Tablet Press

 Step 4: Add lubricating grease in the oil cups

Oil cups is the main source to provide oil for machine running. Without oil, the machine can not run, run laboriously at least. So timely add some grease into the oil cups is quite essential to keep machine running.


 Step 5: Apply some grease on the transmission parts.

Besides the oil cups, the transmission parts also need grease. Apply the grease on the gears and cams, and rotate the hand-wheel to make machine run slowly so as to be evenly applied.

Clean TDP5 Tablet Press

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