5 Points You Should Specify Before Purchasing A Tablet Press

As one of the primary pharmaceutical machines, tablet press plays a critical role in tablet manufacturing. The tablet press machine is usually used to make western pills, Chinese herb tablets, vitamins, calcium in pharmaceutical industry, and candies, sugars, effervescent, flake coffee in food field, and mothball, camphor, fertilizer tablets, detergent for chemical use. Wide applications of the tablet press facilitate them to occupy quite a share of market in different industries. And vendors are trying to offer different specifications of the tablet press machines to meet customers’ different requirements. In this way, the manufacturers are easily confused when they are prepared to buy the machine. There are five points you should keep in mind which can help you make a correct choice in purchasing process.



  1. Requirement on the Production Capacity

Output is determined by its production capacity which is closely related to the motor and stations of the tablet tooling. The motor decides its running speed. And the stations of the tablet tooling decides how many tablets will get in one revolving of turret. The medium-high speed rotary tablet press and the high speed tablet press has individual requirement on the revolving speed, which of the former should be more than 70r/min, and which of the latter 100r/min.

And based on your request, 17/ 19/ 29/ 31/ 35 stations of tooling can be settled into, which make a big difference on the production capacity. Currently ZP-35D is the most popular press machine, not only for its good performance on the output, but also for its versatile convertibility. Special and odd requirement can be met by modifying this machine, and you will see a satisfying result.

Model ZP-17D ZP-19D ZP-29D ZP-31D ZP-35D
Dies 17 sets 19 sets 29 sets 31 sets 35 sets
Max. Pressure 60kn 60kn 100kn 100kn 100kn
Max. Dia. of Tablet 20mm 18mm 25mm 18mm 13mm
Max. Depth Filling 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm
Max. Thickness 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm
Max. Output 36000pc/h 40000pc/h 104400pc/h 130000pc/h 150000pc/h
Motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 5.5kw 4kw 4kw
Turret Speed 35r/min 35r/min 35r/min 35r/min 35r/min
Weight 980kg 980kg 1950kg 1850kg 1850kg


  1. Requirement on the Tablet Thickness/ Diameter/ Shape

Due to different performance and capability of different models of the tablet press machine, they should be used fr different requirement. The machine with big motor and big rotary table should be used to make big and hard tablets, like soap detergent. Bigger tablets in diameter will have a more strict and higher requirement on the tablet press. Filling depth is relevant with the tablet thickness and pill dosage. The thick tablets or heavy dose pills should be produced on a high sanitary and superior machine, like ZP-35D. As for the shape, we know that actually any shapes like round, oval, rectangle can be met on any tablet press above mentioned, however, some special shapes with intricate mark should be made on some particular machines that equipped with high technology or special devices. All in all, you’d better consult more details from the vendor and show more of your requirements. A professional vendor will recommend a suitable machine for you.


  1. Special Requirements and Convertibility

There are some special cases which should be individually dealt with. For instance, the tablets made from corrosive powders should have a special requirement on the tablet tooling which should be made of antiseptic steel and treated with preservative surface. And sometimes modification on the machine is needed. Maybe you hope to equipped a big motor to generate stronger power, or add one or two more feeding systems to make bi-colored tri-colored tablets. Please trust your vendor, and they can find a resolution to meet your request.


  • Consideration of Budget

Higher level machine must be more expensive. When you are ready to purchase a tablet machine, please try to take the tablet tooling in your budget. If you buy the tooling and machine from different vendors, you must pay more. And special requirement on the tooling can be custom made.



  • Competitive Vendor

The strength of a supplier affects more on the post cooperation. A competitive supplier can offer considerate service in pre-sale and after-sale process. They can make useful suggestions on the options of the machine and tools when you need, and also provide technique support in machine adjusting, maintaining, cleaning. A professional supplier must have experienced in handling the malfunctions, and even make precautions in case of emergency.

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