5 Best Ways to Selectively Purchase a Homogenizer


A homogenizer is a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment used for the homogenization of various types of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, and many others. Many different models have been developed using various physical technologies for disruption. The mortar and pestle, already used for thousands of years, is a standard tool even in modern laboratories. More modern solutions are based on blender type of instruments (also known in the kitchen), bead mills, ultrasonic treatment (also sonication), rotor-stator mechanical, high pressure, and many other physical forces. Whereas older technologies just focused on the disruption of the material, newer technologies also address quality or environmental aspects, such as cross-contamination, aerosols, risk of infection, or noise. Homogenization is a very common sample preparation step prior to the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, metabolism, pathogens, and many other targets. Here are 5 best ways to teach you how to selectively buy a homogenizer.

homogenizer mixer

  1. The minimum amount on trial that means the smaller homogenizer can economically save more material. At present, the price of raw material of some certain drugs can reach several thousand USD per gram, so users hope to accomplish a homogenizing experiment once with the minimum amount in order to save material. As you may know, experiment is a process with multiple replications to prove whether it is right or not. Thus, the larger the minimum amount on trial is, the more material you will waste.
  2. The higher homogenizer pressure is the best for products. Reasons are as follows. Firstly, in some certainsense, higher homogenizer pressure can make the smaller grain size of material. Secondly, higher homogenizer pressure can manage more kinds of material. For instance, some liquid emulsion can be homogenized to 100nm when the pressure is in the 15000psi; while some drugs, food, especially solid particle suspension in the liquid will be homogenized only when the pressure reaches 26,000psi.
  3. Cleaning and sterilizing: it is very convenient to clean and sterilize the imported homogenizer. So we would recommend you to consider homogenizer which can online-cleaning and sterilizing.
  4. You can consider buying a high speed shear mixer from its noisy, safetyand the amount of Chinese users. From users’ name, you can judge whether a homogenizer is sold well or not. More famous users are, its higher quality will be proven.
  5. Many manufactures of homogenizers always praise their own products, so you can ask them to provide some users’ name or some related thesis or achievement.

From above suggestions, you can easily to know how to choose a homogenizer. Kos will meet all your needs and has a experienced technical team to give you any supports. If you want to know more information about homogenizer or other emulsifying machines, please visit our professional website: http://www.emulsifyingmixer.com/; or if interested, please subscribe our email to discuss issues on homogenizer with us: emulsifyingmixer@foxmail.com.

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