4 Tips to Solve Infirm Sealing of Seal Machine


Seal machine is one kinds of packaging machine. Infirm sealing is one common malfunctions of seal machine. There are three cases that can be called infirm sealing. One is packaging sealing can’t be sealed; second is that pocket bags are sealed under the pressure effect of sealing cutter, however, once squeezing or tearing, seal crazes again; third is half seal is firm, the other half is separated when having peeling test.  Regarding the third case, sealing quality for packaging bags is poor because contents in the process of storage and transportation can be easily missing. When material is OPP or blowing molding PE, the third case can occur frequently. How to solve this problem? Kos provides you the following 4 solutions.


  • Heat-seal temperature is insufficient.

Usually speaking, when inside material of compound pocket is OPP and aggregate thickness of pocket is about 80-90 μm, heat-seal temperature should reach 170-180℃; When inside material of compound pocket is PE and aggregate thickness of pocket is about 85-100 μm, the suitable heat-seal temperature is 180-200℃. As long as the aggregate thickness of pocket increasing, heat-seal temperature will be improved correspond.

  • Heat-sealspeed is too fast.

Heat-seal speed has something to do with infirm sealing. If the speed is too fast, there will be no time for the seal to be thermalized and transferred by carry-over pinch roll to cold pressing. Under this circumstance, it can’t be reach quality requirements.

  • Pressure of cold pressing plastic core-rubber-tiresis inappropriate.

There are two plastic core-rubber-tires up and down. The pressure between them should be appropriate. Only clamp springs tightly when need to adjust pressure.

  • Poor qualityof heat-seal thing film

Quality of heat-seal thing film does matter with infirm sealing. If corona treatment of compound pocket lining is nonuniform or poor result, it will be uneasy to seal, which is rare. But once it appears, products will waste. Therefore, regarding color printing packaging industry, following procedures supervise former process. Once quality problem is found, it should immediately analyze causes and solve it. Besides, if moisture and dirty in the seal, it will also lead to infirm sealing.

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Generally speaking, suitable improving heat-seal temperature, lowering heat-seal speed and increasing pressure of cold pressing plastic core-rubber-tires will solve infirm sealing of seal machine. KOS has sold many seal machines to customers all over the world. What’s more, video service can be provided to teach you how to assemble the machine, use the machine and repair the machine if you have any technical problems. Please visit our website: www.kosbestpacking.com.

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