4 Popular Kinds of Nutritional and Supplement Tablets

People nowadays are more and more heeding their health and body, and the nutritional and supplement tablets hit the market dozens years ago. Their purport are different, some for boosting energy, some for relieving stress, and some for losing weight, improving performance, and reducing wrinkles.


It is definitely to say that the vitamin or mineral supplements plays a significant role in our diets, but its nutrition is far less than that of balanced diet, at least for the varieties of nutrients. Vitamins and other dietary supplements are not intended to be a food substitute. They cannot replace all the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. “Food contains thousands of phytochemicals, fiber, and more that work together to promote good health that cannot be duplicated with a pill or a cocktail of supplements”, the registered dietitian Keren Ansel said. So is there really a need for supplement intake? The answer is absolutely YES, but for some special groups. Vitamins and minerals can be helpful when it comes to providing the missing nutrients in your diet, but do not become a supplement dependent.

Who needs nutritional and supplements?

  • The people on a low-calorie diet, like the vegans and the people on vegetarian diets.
  • The people suffer from disease and take certain medicine, including those with a history of cancer.
  • The people have a history of food allergies or intolerance.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
zp35 tablet press machine
zp35 tablet press machine

For vast demands of different groups, many kinds of nutrients and supplement are extracted and converted into a tablet. Classified by their function, the supplement tablets can be generalized as vitamins, calcium, minerals, dietary supplements, etc. Nevertheless, 4 popular kinds of health and wellness industry’s tablets are summarized.

  1. Compressed Tablets

Actually almost all tablets available in the market can be sorted as “compressed tablets” which are completed on the tablet press machine after a series of manufacturing courses as “feeding – scrapping – tableting – ejecting”. The “compressed tablets” we often used when referring to the pills and the tablets in oval, capsule, or round-shaped. The compressed tablets, in often times, begin to break down when it reached the stomach or or some other stretch of the gastrointestinal tract.


      2.Chewable Tablets

As the name indicates, chewable tablets are designed to be chewed before reaching the stomach. Such kind of tablets are usually vitamins and calcium tablets for children or the old adults. It will take minutes of time to stay in mouth, so there is one particular important factor should be seriously considered, no matter for those looking to manufacture chewable tablets or those looking to take them. That is Flavor. The children and the old are rather particular about the taste of food.
      3. Sublingual & Buccal Tablets
The sublingual tablets are contained under the tongue while the buccal tablets are in the pocket of the cheek and both are digested by saliva in the mouth. Some calcium and dietary supplement tend to prefer sublingual or buccal tablets as its delivery method. Apart from the effectiveness, the taste and texture should also in your consideration.
      4. Effervescent
What is the effervescent? Actually, the effervescent tablets starts to dissolve immediately when it is in water, and release carbon dioxide and effervescent fizz in the process as a result of some basic chemistry. Generally, the effervescent tablets contain a number of different different nutraceutical and pharmaceutical elements, like the myriad of antacids, cold relief supplements, and minor pain reliever, etc.

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