4 Main Differences between High Shear Pump and Colloid Grinder


High shear pump is one kind of the emulsifying machine, whose main working principle is shear force and friction force, generated by rotation of stator and rotor, makes particle size of material smaller and section of material bigger, which thus has a better mixture and emulsifying results. A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size of a liquid suspended in another liquid. Colloid mills work on the rotor-stator principle: a rotor turns at high speeds (2000 – 18000 RPM). The resulting high levels of hydraulic shear applied to the process liquid disrupt structures in the fluid. Both machines are widely used in the following industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint, soap, paper and food etc. Even though they share some similarities on working principle and applications, they do have some differences on the following points.

High Shear Pump

High Shear Pump

  • The gap between stator and rotor of high shear pump is fixed while the one of colloid grinder can be adjusted. Bigger gap leads to mass flow and high efficiency; smaller gap leads to slow flow and low efficiency.
  • From the perspective of action principle, high shear force of high shear pump is the principal things and friction plays a subsidiary role; friction of colloid grinder plays the most important role which high shear force is supplement.
  • From the perspective of working plate, high shear pump is defined as monopole, three-level and multi-level, which means the pump can have three working plates to shear material many times; while colloid grinder is monopole working plate, which means colloid grinder has less times shear force on material. Moreover, circulating pipes that used to process material are set on the colloid grinder.
  • Regarding the application field, high shear pump can smash granule, liquid and colloid rheid but it is hard for colloid grinder to emulsify colloid rheid.

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