4 Factors Analyzed to Effect Emulsification of Kosbest High Shear Homogenizer

Kosbest High shear homogenizer is divided into continuous mixer and batch mixer, is a high quality mixer for the manufacturing of pharmacy, daily chemicals and food industry, especially cosmetic industry such as lipstick, facial cream, lotions and ointment. It is usually made of one set of rotor and stator, which can generates high speed dispersing, shearing and cutting force, so that materials would be reduced to particular particles. There are many factors can effect emulsifying results of high shear mixer. Four main factors will be discussed in the following pages.

  • Forms of WorkingHeads

Working heads used varies in the different process for various high shear mixer types. Kosbest working heads can also be classified into two categories. One is continuous working head which is multifunction emulsifying equipment. It can work continuously for a long time but has no effect on the results of emulsification. The other is batch working head which work in a discontinuity process. Working time is not as stable as the one of continuous working head. Kosbest has four kinds of working heads: long hole type, round hole type, mesh type and claw type. The former three ones are also called continuous working heads while claw type called batch working head. Claw type stator head is two-way suction, therefore, it homogenizes materials more thoroughly.
homogenizer head

  • Shearing Efficiency of Working Heads

Working conditions of machinery can be known by the usage of working heads, which defines the shearing efficiency. Generally speaking, the bigger working heads and the larger contact area, the better of emulsifying results. Kosbest stator head long hole is suitable for medium solids quickly shattered and medium viscosity of the liquid; mesh of the stator head is suitable for low viscosity liquid mixture; round hole of the stator head is suitable for hybrid or larger particles crushing on the stator head. Claw type working heads can achieve the best emulsifying results among these four kinds.

  • Tooth Form Structures

If you want to reach better emulsifying results, tooth form structures cannot be ignored. Tooth form structures of Kosbest high shear homogenizer can be divided into central tooth, serration and superfine tooth. Different tooth forms affect different shearing results. Superfine tooth achieves the highest shearing efficiency.

  • Dispersing Time

It is hard to judge dispersing time just from the appearance of high shear mixer. Better way is to refer to customers’ evaluations and quality of suppliers.

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