4 Aspects to Reduce Tablet Manufacturing Costs

No matter in any circumstances, it’s necessary for all the manufacturers and entrepreneurs to cut budget and cost, let alone under today’s tense economy. To help our customers settle such troubles, we summarize following ideas for reducing tablet manufacturing costs.

To cut the cost of tablet manufacturing, we could set about from the matters of 4 aspects: tablet compression machine, tablet tooling, machine components, and training course. Any parts’ broken-down will definitely affect the whole manufacturing process, more or less. Then following will be the suggestions for keeping them in good condition.

I Tablet Compression Machine

Machine body is the main subject to guarantee its normal running, and is the frame to support other components. Any tiny negligence or fault will possibly bring malfunction that thereby cause tablet failures, both of which are large spends. To avoid machine errors, at least you should do 2 things:

  • Check and inspect the machine body regularly. Whether the wires are well connected? Whether the control panel is well functioned. Whether the slide track is smoothly for tooling? Try your best to reduce the chance of machine errors.
  • Lubrication is an essential part in maintenance job for all machinery and tools. Lubricate the machine before storing and packaging to ensure its good condition in a long time of rest. Moreover, add oil after a certain period of operation, especially the rotary table, slide track, compression cam, and turbine. The video below is to show lubricating process on rotary tablet press machine.

II Tablet Tooling

Tablet tooling is the quick-worn part, and is the most direct element influencing tablet quality. Frequent replacement of tablet tooling is undoubtedly a great expenditure, and the lost is much larger because of customers’ complaining about tablet quality. Tablet failures like picking&sticking, capping, chipping are all possibly related with the condition of tablet tooling. To reduce the cost on tablet tooling, you must do 2 things:

  • Regularly clean and lubricate the tooling, no matter when it is working or in rest, aiming to extend its service life.
  • Regularly inspect the tooling. For the slight wear that is allowable, try to polish and repair it to the most extent. But for the severe wear that can not be improved, you should replace a new one on. This step is for tablet quality consideration.


III Machine Components

The components of rotary tablet press machine should be most keep an eye on are turret, turn table, turbine, spindle, control board, feeder, punch tracker, etc. Timely check their conditions and repair the worn ones. For the badly damaged, replace a new one. “Check-inspect-repair-lubricate-replace” can be a versatile maintaining process for machine components.

IV Training and Technical Support

On one hand, having a well-trained staff is critical to the success of any business. One mistake made by an unqualified press operator can damage stations of tooling or the tablet press machine, or both, which could end up with lost of tens of thousands of dollars or more. Training your staff with professional skills can reduce chance of machine error, increase productivity, improve tablet quality.

On the other hand, a professional and responsible machine supplier is important for technical support. We KOSBEST have dedicated in machinery industry many years. Any technical support we could offer by means of video tutorials or article explanation.

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