3 Main Types of Pharmaceutical Packaging


Pharmaceutical packaging has to be carried out for the purpose of the safety of the pharmaceutical preparations in order to keep them free from contamination, hinder microbial growth, and ensure product safety through the intended shelf life for the pharmaceuticals. Packaging is a critical tool in the pharmaceutical industry. It is not only designed to keep the medications safe, but also is beneficial to the patient or to the healthcare practitioner who administers the medication. The pharmaceutical packaging that is used can have a significant effect on how well the patient adheres to his or her medication schedule and can be extremely helpful in helping healthcare workers keep track of patients’ medications and how they are administered. Generally speaking, types of pharmaceutical packaging can be mainly divided into three following aspects. First is bottles packaging which is designed for different types of medications. Second is a blister package. Third is tracking system for healthcare facilities that administer pharmaceuticals to many patients.

Bottles packaging is the most popular type of pharmaceutical packaging for home use. In the past, glass bottles were often used for drugs while plastic bottles are widely used in the present which is not easy to broken. Most bottles for pills and liquids are darkly colored, though slightly transparent to allow the patient to see faintly inside but still protect the medication from overexposure to light and heat. Usually, most medications distributed for patients to take at home has a label to show the patient what the medication is, how many pills or how much liquid was included in the prescription, when and how often to take the medications and component analysis.

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A blister machine is a piece of equipment capable of creating preformed packages that can be used to seal items such as food, medicine and various consumer products. Blister packaging are made of a cardboard or thick paper backing with individual pills or groups of pills inserted into a small plastic pouch that is covered by foil on the back side. Usually one blister equals one dose, which is often called unit-dose packaging that is used by nursing homes and long-term care facilities because it is easier for staff members to count the remaining medication and to distribute it properly to patients. Blister packs are good for saving medications and beneficial for patients.

Many hospitals and other medical care facilities use a tracking system on the pharmaceutical packaging attached to the drugs they administer. Some facilities use a bar code system that can be easily scanned to attach the medication information to a particular patient. These systems are common in facilities that use an electronic records system. Other facilities might use a numbering system or other coded system to keep track of patients’ medications.

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