3 Main Functions of High Shear Emulsifying Machine

High shear emulsifying machine possesses very potentiality of cutting speed and shearing strength, forcefully cutting the materials into molecules that guarantee mixture in steady and unstratified form. It can be used to do dispersing and emulsifying process of emulsion, suspension and colloid.
To meet different requirement of particle size, the rotor stator pump which primarily determine emulsifying effect are combined in different means. Meanwhile, the different needs of energy consumption and viscosity of mixture are well satisfied. Take advantages of the strong strength generated by the stator-rotor system, and accelerate the breakdown course of individual molecules and transmission of macroscopic molecules.
Size of molecular, the fineness of shearing, is not only determined by rotor tooth, but its profile. The width and number of slot among rotor teeth can both influence main functions and application fields. Common emulsifying head are listed as follow:

How to decide the working head? It mainly relies on the fluidity and viscosity of materials. You should have a basic understanding of its common applications.

High Shear Emulsifying Machine
▪ Mesh of the stator head:
With small round holes on the stator head, the materials passing through it must be sheared into small molecules. We could imagine that it is suitable for mixing liquids, like beverage, injection, liquid medicine, ink, etc. With its maximum shear rate, the effect of shattering, dissolving, emulsifying could perform to the maximum effect.
▪ The stator head with long hole:
It is appropriate to mix and shatter medium solids quickly, and emulsify medium viscosity of the liquid mixture, like edible oil, liquid detergent, lotion, condiment sauce, nail polish, etc. Long hole on surface shear provides the most widespread and good circulation.
▪ The stator head with round hole:
With a large hole on the stator, this type allows low viscosity liquid to flow into the container. From all directions, up and down, the two materials could thoroughly mix and shear. It is suitable to mix water-in-oil emulsion, pesticide, herbicide, bactericide, juice, etc.
▪ Claw type stator head:
Most common and frequent used working head. With two-way hyperbolic circulation vortices in a container, it is the most common and practical type, used in liquid stirring, shearing, mixing and emulsifying, as well as the medium-high viscosity materials, like coating, toothpaste, paint, lipstick, glue and pectin. Upper material and lower material could mixed after over and over again cycling shearing.

We often use high shear emulsifier mixer to get stable emulsion by mixing water and oil through fierce centrifugal force. How does the oil and water mix and what will be done with the materials before becoming steady mixture? After a research and analysis, we found that 3 main functions can be concluded.

Emulsifying Machine
1. Shearing and cutting
To complete emulsification, there are at least two requirements: one is the powerful mechanical dispersing function. Cut and disperse the oil phase and water phase into delicate particles, then they will merge and stick together when there is a mutual penetration and recombination, and then develop into emulsion. The other is emulsifier, acting as the intermediary between the molecules of oil and water to make oil-water mixed and deposited for a long time because of the charge effect.
▪ The materials are sheared and cut after the continuous repetitive strong centrifugal force made by rotor and stator.
▪ Complex and intense fluid motion creates chances for impact and collision of particles, and the functions between particles and stator-rotor head.
2. Friction
The materials are ground and split in the gap of staror and rotor. After reciprocating friction, the particles become smaller and smaller.
3.Pumping and mixing
The rotation of impeller and rotor slot brings about centrifugal motion, which encourages pumping effect. And the repetitive agitation of stator slot, rotor slot and impeller generates mixing effect.

Homogenizer Head


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