3 Main Features of Double Rotary Tablet Machine

KOSBEST rotary tablet press and single punch pill press have earned a well deserved record of excellence and performance in a wide range of industries. KOSBEST tablet press is successfully deployed in the pharmaceutical, food and confectionary, chemical, electronic and metallurgy industries.

The strength of KOSBEST Double Rotary Tablet Machine lies in 3 main aspects compared with low or medium speed rotary tablet press machine(eg. ZP-9). Following will give an elaborate explanation on the main advantages.


  • Double Output: Two Sets of Feeding System

First of all, you need to know double rotary tablet press is not the double-sided rotary tablet compression machine.

Former one is attached with two sets of feeding system as well as two discharging chutes. Each station of punch tooling completes twice filling, pressing and ejecting in every revolution of rotary table, during which we could get double pills(pills = stations of punch tooling *2), which means Double Rotary gives Double Output.

The latter one, double-sides rotary tablet compression machine, is also equipped with two sets of feeding system. But the difference is that only one discharging chute is attached on the machine. Every station of punch tooling will also complete twice filling, pressing and ejecting, thus resulting in bi-layer pills/ double-sided pills.

By the way, the punch tooling used on double rotary tablet press is always of high quality, B tooling or D tooling. Many pills can be made by B or D tooling, like XANAX pills tools. When you prepare to buy or replace new tooling, you should pay attention to its type. D tooling can only be used on D tooling machine, while B tooling can be only used on B tooling machine.



  • Compacted Pills: Pre-compression and main compression

Double rotary pill press adopts two sets of pressure rollers to realize pre-compression and main compression. Pre-compression is to exclude out the air of powder materials, which creates a good environment for main compression, and thus reduces the possibility of defective pills (lamination, capping) and guarantees making compacted pills. Pre-compression and main compression from up and down successively made on the granules more largely improve the quality of pills than simple rotary pill press (eg. ZP-9) with main compression rollers only.


  • Safety Operation with Front Control

Double rotary tablet press generally adopts MMI PLC on the front control panel. The buttons and knobs on the panel are used to adjust tablet thickness, filling volume and for other safty operation. With improved automatic performance, this kind of machine largely reduces the occurrence of mal-functions. Control and set the parameters by front control panel.

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