3 Main Difference Between Pill Press TDP-1.5 and TDP-5

There is no distinctive difference between pill press TDP-1.5 and TDP-5 from the first sight, but you will notice more when you watch them closely. Although similar as they look like, some mechanical parts have been improved on TDP-5 which, to some extent, has a more stable and outstanding performance. As a result, the tablet press TDP-5 is good to used to make bigger, stronger, and harder tablets and pills. In this article, We will make a comparison of these two types of tablet press machine from 3 perspectives.


Pressure System

On TDP range of single punch tablet press, the pressure system consists of lift cam, rack wheel, and eccentric wheel. To improve the performance of TDP-5, the transmission parts like rack wheel, pinion are designed to be bigger. When the transmission parts become bigger, the pressure subsequently increases. The lift cam is integrated with rack wheel on TDP-5, and the stronger pressure will be carried on the punches and dies as the bigger wheels drive. As a result, TDP-5 can generate stronger pressure of 50kn form 15kn of TDP-1.5. Compared with TDP-1.5, therefore, TDP-5 is more suitable to make harder, stronger, and bigger tablets. The max diameter of tablets reached 22mm on TDP-5, and the filling depth increase from 12mm to 16mm, which means TDP-5 is better to make intense pills with more dosage.


 Mold Platen

To bear stronger pressure, the mold platen of TDP-5 is designed to be thicker and larger. And the middle die of TDP-5 is also designed to be bigger to make it possible to embrace bigger punches to make big pills. In this way, TDP-5 tablet press could produce pills like XANAX, M/30, A/215 and other pills of most diameter of 22mm, which performs much better than 12mm of TDP-1.5. In addition, as the platen becomes thicker, the die bore is deeper, so the depth of filling reaches 16mm from 12mm of TDP-1.5.

What’s more, the bucket feeder is ameliorated on TDP-5 by gentling the corner, the granular materials thus flow down smoothly and freely. Filling course is the first step in tablet making process. Only the filling course performs well could us guarantee the tablet quality, especially the tablet weight and dosage.


 Gear wheels and motor

TDP-5 is designed to have a more outstanding performance and have a wider applications than TDP-1.5. The designer intended to let TDP-5 to be used to make bigger and stronger tablets and candies, so he enlarged the gear wheel so as to increase pressure. Meanwhile, the motor should also be improved to provide enough power to drive all the mechanical parts.


Although the TDP-5 performs better thanTDP-1.5, it is not to say TDP-1.5 is useless. These two types of pharmaceutical machines have a similar production capacity of 4000-6000pcs/h, but the difference is the biggest pills and deepest filling they can allow. In any production practices, you should weigh their strengths and weaknesses. Please keep it in mind that the suitable one is the best one.

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