3 Important Tips to Purchase a Liquid Filling Machine


Filling machines are the one piece of packaging equipment that will interact directly with the product being packaged. For anyone new to the packaging industry, purchasing equipment for a project can be a difficult process. Therefore, today we will outline some general aspects that can help guide the inexperienced packager in selecting the right packaging equipment for your needs, starting with liquid filling machines.

 Double Head Filler, Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

  1. Clearly Knowthe Viscosity of Your Product

A variety of principles can be used to move product from a holding tank to the bottles or containers waiting to be filled. Usually speaking, thin, free-flowing products are filled using an overflow filler or gravity filling machine; Thicker, more viscous products will normally require a piston filler or pump filling machine. When a packaging project includes multiple products with a wide range of viscosities, a pump or piston filler may be used with both thick and thin products. Thus, before you buy a liquid filling machine, you need to know the viscosity of the product. In another words, you should make sure the machine you ultimately purchase can handle the physical properties of your product.

  1. Share Your Measurements of Bottles or Containers with Supplier

It is important to know the dimensions of the bottles you will be using because incompatible machines may ruin the structural integrity of your container.  For example, some automated machines grab bottles from the top, while others grab from the side. In fact the bottles may range from a few ounces for travel or sample size products to a gallon or more for bulk containers.  Different packaging machines will require different changeover for the bottle sizes. For best results, take pictures, record the dimensions and style of the bottle, and share these measurements with suppliers as you get in contact with them. It is better to have your needs known earlier in your discussions with suppliers so that they know whether they have a compatible machine to offer you.

  1. Many Bottles Are You Planning to Fill Per Hour/Minute?

Smaller machines are usually measured by the amount of bottles they produce per hour (BPH), while larger, faster machines are usually measured by bottles per minute (BPM).  When looking at the production efficiency of a filling machine, consider both your current production needs and your future production needs.  A small business looking to grow should purchase a machine that can handle any potential increases in production, as upgrading machines may not be feasible.

Above are three main important tips to purchase a right filler machine. KOS is the one of the leading filling machine manufacturer, who provides you with superior quality with reasonable price. Furthermore, we will offer you any professional technical knowledge for you to better use the machine. Please visit our website:


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