3 Important Advantages of Industrial Mixer in Various Industries


Industrial mixer is a fixture which is widely applied in food production, pharmacy, daily chemicals and cosmetic industry. It is one of the most important tools of the modern age and the choice equipment when it comes to mixing, blending and combing a number of substances. Usually speaking, industrial mixer is large, bulky and with many components. The main purpose of an industrial mixer is similar to that of the other models of mixers, which is properly mix or blend components, whether these substances are of similar or different types. Likewise, industrial mixers are efficient devices that effectively facilitate the necessary reaction between mixed ingredients in order to come up with the desired mixture result.

There are various types of industrial mixers, each of which are optimized and enhanced differently, depending on the kind of industry where it is used. 3 the most commonly-used industrial mixers are as follows.

  1. Industrial agitators

This industrial tool is utilized in industries wherein liquids are needed to be shaken and blended together thoroughly. Agitators can give satisfactory results for simple duties such as blending like-viscosity liquids, providing in-tank uniformity and promoting heat transfer in jacketed vessels.

  1. High shear mixers

A high shear mixer can blend liquids of differing viscosities, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate, solubilize, disperse powders and reduce particle size or accelerate reactions. All above tasks cannot readily be achieved with a low shear device. Only KOS high shear mixer can do this and more, cutting your mixing time by up to 90% percent. High shear homogenizers are usually found in the formulation and manufacture of lotions, moisturizers and various cream products.


High Speed Homogenizer, Mixing for Cosmetic Creams and Lotions

  1. High viscosity mixers

This is the type that softens thick substances such as pastes and plastics by kneading and rolling them in a mechanical manner.

Regarding for advantages of industrial mixers, it can be summarized from three aspects. Firstly, industrial mixer is the best tool to go to in a commercial or production setting. Secondly, it rapidly reduces process time and saves much time and labor when using industrial mixer. Thirdly, the industrial mixture equipment allows manufacturers and producers to come up with the required mixed substances for their factories and production facilities while needing only minimal amount of labor and capital.

KOS is one of the leading high shear mixer suppliers in China manufacturing different types of inline and batch mixers, which are widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion, mayonnaise, salad dressing and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Please kindly visit our website for more information: www.emulsifyingmixer.com.

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