3 Factors That Affect Inaccuracy of Water Filling Machine


Water filling machinery, also known as bottled water filling machine, is widely used to pack drinking water filling, mineral water filling, bottled water filling, spring water filling, juice filling, bottle filling etc. Kos water filler is one of the leading packaging machine manufacturers in bottling machines. Pure water, essential goods for our life, is very popular to us. It guarantees the safety of water usage and is very convenient for getting out. However, as you may find that quality of each bottle pure water varies. Regarding for the reasons, we will talk following three factors that affect inaccuracy of water filling machine.

Semi Automatic Filling Machine, Single Head Filler with Foot Pedal

  • Pressure

Variation of pressure can be achieved by changing material viscosity and flow to produce additive error. Material viscosity will be higher as the pressure increased. For instance, regarding ordinary liquids, viscosity varies about (0.1-0.3) % when the pressure is near 0.1Mpa. For the flow meter measuring room cubage, the effect caused by pressure is less than the one by temperature cubage; regarding single shell flow meter, increasing pressure will lead to the enlargement of measuring room cubage and leakage rate, which drives error curve to move towards negative. Regarding double shell volumetric flow meter, it’s not affected because differential pressure of inside and outside measuring room wall.

  • Temperature

Temperature variation is the primary factor to influence volumetric flow meter additive error. Variation of temperature can be achieved by changing material viscosity and flow to produce additive error, the same with pressure. Material viscosity will lower as the increasing of temperature. Temperature variation can change volume of flow meter measuring room, leading to the change of gap between flow meter shell and rotor. Under this circumstance, it will change leakage rate. For example, regarding the flow meter cubage material is steel-cast, additive error will be about 0.04% when the working temperature is 10 ℃ higher than calibration temperature.

  • Viscosity

Viscosity variation can make flow meter offset error. Viscosity is higher, which will decrease the leakage rate of positive flow meter; on the contrary, lower viscosity increases leakage rate.

Above are three main factors to affect inaccuracy of water filling machine. Hope it can be beneficial to you. We KOS company is specialized in filling machines for almost ten years. We sell liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, oil filling machine, water filling machine and manual filling machine. If you want to order one of the filling machines, please visit our website: www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com.

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