3 Differences between Fully Automatic Packing Machine and Semi Automatic Packing Machine


Packaging Equipment Machinery can be divided into two parts based on its automatic degree. One is fully automatic packing machine; the other is semi automatic packing machine. It is difficult for someone who is new to packaging industry to find differences between he fully automatic packing machine and semi automatic packing machine. Therefore, we will talk about three aspects to help you to understand the relationship between them.



 Fully-automatic Packing Machine  Semi-automatic Packing Machine

Fully-automatic Packing Machine      Semi-automatic Packing Machine


  1. One obvious difference between fully automatic packing machineand semi automatic packing machine is production efficiency. Fully automatic packing machine adopts advanced fully automatic technology and corollary equipment. Obviously, its production efficiency is higher than one of semi automatic machine, under which circumstance; it can save a lot of labor force. However, it may have some restrictions to use this kind of technology and on narrow adjustable filling range. On the contrary side, filling range of semi automatic packing machine is adjustable. In a word, each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the suitable packaging machine based on your own situation.
  2. Both the fully automatic packing machine and semi automatic packing machine belong to the automatic packagingand are advanced modern packaging equipment. They all adopt high-end package technology. But some small details are different. From the aspect of automation degree, the difference between them is one is relying on labor force while the other is depending on unmanned operation. Comparatively speaking, product efficiency of fully automatic packing machine is better than one of semi automatic packing machine.
  3. From the aspect of cost performance, fully automatic wrapping machine has no strengths than semi automatic wrapping machine. Working process of semi automatic wrapping machine is composed of machinery and labor force. Its production efficiency is much higher than the ordinary packaging machinery, but the price is much cheaper than the one of fully automatic wrapping machine.

In conclusion, both fully automatic packing machine and semi automatic packing machine have their own benefits and drawbacks. The former is more expensive than the latter with higher working efficiency. But the latter is more flexible. No matter which one you want to choose, you would better know your own situation thoroughly and choose the best suitable one to improve your product efficiency. Kos is professionalized in packaging machine, including fully-automatic and semi-automatic packing machines. We have sold them to all over the world and received high appraise from our customers. So come to visit our website to find more useful information: http://www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com/.

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