3 Common Failures and Corresponding Solutions When Using Beverage Filling Machine

Beverage filling machine is widely used in food, pharmacy and chemicals. If any failure is found during production, it will bring an inestimable effect to production due to the product diversity. Therefore, enterprises should know more about probable common failures and corresponding solutions when using beverage filling machines in order to finish production more efficiently, higher quality with lower cost. For your reference, our engineers will conclude following failures and approaches.


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Beverage Filling Machine for Filling Beverage

  • Reasons for inaccuratefilling quantity or no discharging material

1.Check whether the speed throttles valve and interval throttle valve are closed. Pay attention to not switch off throttle valves;
2.Check whether the three-way control valve has foreign matter or not. If so, please clear it up; Check whether there exists air between the three-way control valve and tube of filling head. If so, please reduce or eliminate it;
3.Examine all seal rings are damaged or not. If damaged, please change it;
4.Check valve element of filling nozzle is blocked or not. If so, please rearrange installation of it to right direction. If it’s delayed to open the valve element, please adjust throttle valve of thin cylinder;
5.Tighten up the elastic force of the three-way control valve. If the force is too large, back-pressure valve won’t be switched on;
6.If filling speed is too fast, please adjust filling speed throttles valve and decline filling speed;
7.Please seal all hoops and tube buttons closely;
8.If magnet switch is loose, please fasten it each time after adjusting quantity.

  • Reasons for Filling material is dischargedfrom the rear end of feeding tank

1.Check whether the feeding tank is in the middle direction of stand. If feeding tank has any movement, please restart to install it to right place;
2.Whether the piston and piston rod of feeding tank is fastening. If loose, please fasten it;
3.Change the O type seal ring if it is damaged.

  • Press the emergency stop and readjust the active magnetic switch when pulling the piston of feeding tank and hard to bounce back.

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