3 Common Failure Analyses of Purified Water Filling Machine


Liquid Filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of spring water, purified water and wine etc. Purified water filling machine is one of the main equipment for pure water factories to produce. With the large consumption of pure water every day, the factory tends to use purified water filling machine more frequently. However, some malfunctions often occur during the daily using of purified water filling machine. Here are 3 common failure analyses about it.

  • Inaccurate filling volume and no discharging material
  1. Ensure speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve open, not close.
  2. Clear foreign matters if any exists in three-way control valves; reduce or eliminate air if any exists in the leather hose of three-way control valves and filling head.
  3. Change a new one if any seal rings are damaged.
  4. Install valve element again if block phenomenais found; adjust thin cylinder throttle valve if throttle valve is found.
  5. Seal all hoops and leather hoses.
  6. Check whether magneticbuttons are loose or not. Every time tighten it up after adjusting volume.
  • Material discharged from the rear stuff jar filling machine
  1. Install stuff jar again when it is not in the center of stand.
  2. Tighten it up when stuff jar piston and piston rod is loose.
  3. Change a new one if O seal ring is damaged.
  • Air cylinderis unable to work
  1. Change it when protective tube is burnout.
  2. Whether press the emergency button on. Rotate it to recover the normal position.
  3. Change O seal ring if any toughness in the O seal ring of stuff jar which can block the piston.
  4. Adjust position if filling valve element is blocked.
  5. Turn on power and air supply switches.
  6. Change it if two magnet switches are broken.
  7. Connect air supply and confirm pressure to meet defined requirements if it is not.
  8. Fix the position of magnet The rear magnet switch should be fixed in the rear end of air cylinder where enables it to work. No movement.

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