12 Requirements You Should Know before Using Stand Type Piston Filling Machine


Stand type piston filling machine uses the piston measuring mode and compressed air as the power to work without any power supply and can work at an explosive or combustible place by just stepping on the pedal. The filling range can be adjusted lightly, safe, reliable and easily used. It can easily fill juice, water, beer, beverage and other liquid form stuff. Suitable for filling various containers as bottle, jar, can, cup, bag, barrels, etc. Widely applied in the daily chemicals and pharmacy, it has more and more varieties and types. Even though easy to operate, it still has some requirement before using in order to ensure its basic safety.

liquid filling machine


  1. Place this stand type piston filler on the flat ground or plane table when using it. Do not make it inclining.
  2. Before starting up, check carefully whether all liquid storage pot, conveyors and pathway have some foreign matters or not; rotation of scraping belt is normal or not.
  3. Plug filler in 220V power supply and check safety function is normal or not. Connect water, electricityand gas. No abnormal sound is allowed. Please remember no adjustment during working.
  4. Place raw material barrel and pending containers and switch on device power supply.
  5. Inlet pipe of filling pump should be tanked up liquid.
  6. Set up switchof pump 1 or pump 2 if you use the double head filling machines.
  7. Adjust values of intervaltime and filling time on the basis of liquid volumes.
  8. No tools or other objects to near the machine when working. Meanwhile, someone should monitor the process.
  9. Prohibit relative people from wearing cloths which can be easily hooked by machines. For example, scarf, bracelet and water etc. Whoever has long hair should wear hairnet.
  10. Staff who has nothing to do with operating or maintaining is prohibited to approach liquid filling machine in order to completely eradicate any occupational injury.
  11. Press stop button on the filling area or controlling tank when you want to stop using machines. And then switch off main power supply of controlling cabinet. Power dump when in the non-working hours.
  12. Keep it clean and dry after using it. Prohibit using water and other liquid to clean electric components. Wear working cloths, gloves and glass etc in case of strong acid or alkali corrosion.

Above are some small detailed points but very useful to use the machine safely and normally. We Kos are devoted to not only supply high quality stand type piston filling machines, but also considerate services. Please kindly visit our website for more useful information and needs: http://www.liquidfillingpastefilling.com/.

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